Kapamilya Snaps: Celebrities bare their ink obsession!

Getting a tattoo hurts a lot but these adventurous celebs did not mind letting the needles sink into their skin. With awesome body arts that express their personalities and immortalize significant stories, these Kapamilya stars prove the pain is all worth it.

Tattoos aren’t just tickets to looking cool. In the case of Maxene Magalona, her first body art is a tribute to her late dad Master Rapper Francis M. Inked on her wrist are the words le fille a papa, the French translation for “Daddy’s Girl.” Her father’s nickname is France, thus the choice of language. Apart from that, Maxene has three more tattoos – a Hello Kitty bow on the right wrist, an inspirational quote on the hip, and a tiara on the nape which symbolizes her being Daddy’s princess.

Ronnie Alonte might look tough on the outside but the dude has a soft spot for his mom whose name–Gina–is imprinted on his left wrist. To honor the woman he vowed to share forever with, seasoned actor Jericho Rosales got his wife’s showbiz moniker – Miss Jones – on the bicep.  

Coleen Garcia wears a piece of Billy Crawford’s promise on her right hip. It reads, “my everything,” a line taken from Billy’s wedding vow.  The mom-to-be also has an anchor tattoo on her back, signifying strength and stability in their relationship. Fluttering around it is a butterfly image dedicated to her grandmother.

Heaven Peralejo’s tattoo has a sweet and inspiring story behind. She has a matching pair of swallow birds with her mom, Luanne. It symbolizes their love for traveling, of holding each other’s hands as they get happily lost in unfamiliar places. 

“Lovey” can be easily seen on Zsa Zsa Padilla’s arms every time she holds the microphone and performs. She had it inked in memory of her former lovey, the late Comedy King Dolphy.

Friendship rules for Angelica Panganiban as she opts for a matching tiny dot tattoo with her BFFs Kim Chiu and Bela Padilla, aside from the lily of the valley on her wrist. Zeus Collins paints his muscular bod with a little barkada sentimentality as he wears the names of fellow Hashtags members, plus their launching date. Who says ripped guys can’t be cheesy?

Ion Perez had Vice Ganda’s birthdate wrapped around his leg. Now we know ‘Kuya Escort’ will never be charged guilty for the major boyfriend offense of forgetting special dates.

Speaking of significant events, Yeng Constantino’s tattoo is the date when she became a married woman. JM de Guzman likewise keeps the day when he entered rehabilitation for substance abuse remembered.

Bringing summer vibes with her anywhere she goes, Yen Santos has a dainty ink of the sun, waves, and mountain on her leg. The ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemate is quite obsessed with body arts. Having a total of six, her other tattoos include a chic tiny heart inspired by that of Kylie Jenner and a Scorpio star constellation behind the ear. She also got “Jesus” and “Love” on her wrists. 

Badass women Nadine Lustre and Arci Munoz remind us that a female body is limitless. It can be the canvass to artistic expressions – from dainty to bold. They both share the same love for flowers and the moon. Apart from those, Arci got a red symmetrical symbol on the inner forearm while Nadine has a lotus tats and Japanese script on opposite biceps. The risk-taker Sue Ramirez has a combination of flower and eye tattoo on both arms.

Other female celebs went for something delicate and religious like Anne Curtis’ “dream” tattoo written in script in the shape of a cross. She had it done during a trip to South Korea. The cross is likewise the inspiration for Cristine Reyes and Kaye Abad’s inks. Louise delos Reyes is always reminded of her “faith” by having the word written on her left wrist.

After a close encounter with a whale shark during a vacation trip, Jessy Mendiola decided to transform her mermaid tattoo into the said underwater creature. She added the image of a woman swimming beside, reminiscent of her unforgettable experience. Sam Concepcion likewise opted for an animal tattoo–a wolf–done in a stylish geometric design.

Proving that he is truly an icon, Vice Ganda inspired many fans to copy his star tattoos on the neck and wrist. Fellow It’s Showtime host and dear friend Ryan Bang also got an identical one. Angeline Quinto’s green star tats signifies her journey towards her dreams.  

If you find men covered with tattoos hot, check out Nikko Natividad’s Instagram photos. The Hashtags member is inked with faces on both biceps and on the ribs, plus a cross with wings on his sternum. Jake Cuenca can make any girl breathless just with his stares. Combine them with his body arts and females will completely fall in love. Among his most striking tattoos is a quote from Bruce Lee which reads, “Be water, my friend.”

Unlike male celebs who opted for full-torso tattoos, Paulo Avelino went minimalist with an infinity symbol on his left middle finger. Vin Abrenica wears an anchor tats on his right biceps while Jon Lucas is inked with a small arrow on the right hand and scripts along the forearm and chest.  

Whose celebrity tattoo do you like most?