Kapamilya Snaps: Celebrities’ adorable kids with unique, wonderful names

When you were young, it probably crossed your mind once or twice what you would name your future child, right? Or at least have an inkling of what would be a great name for a baby?

Well, lots of people strive to find baby names that are beautiful, meaningful, and unique at the same time. It’s exciting to think about and find inspiration from parents that found the perfect unique names for their kids.

In this Kapamilya Snaps feature, meet the adorable babies of celebs that have uncommon but wonderful names!

Multimedia personality Anne Curtis and her husband Erwan Heussaff introduced their darling little Dahlia Amelie in March 2020. The It’s Showtime host coined her mini-me’s name by putting together her first ever acting role as Princess Dahlia from the 1997 movie “Magic Kingdom: Ang Alamat ng Damortis” and the title of her and Erwan’s favorite French movie, “Amelie”.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia also gave an intriguing name to their first son born last September 2020 — Amari Jaden. If you’re wondering what “Amari”means, it means “strength”. Their baby’s second name “Jaden” also has a touching meaning behind it which is “thankful”.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano actor Richard Gutierrez and his wife Sarah Labati have two growing boys with unusual but stunning names — Zion and Kai. Zion’s powerful sounding name alludes to its biblical origins while Kai’s came from the Hawaiin word for “sea”. Richard and Sarah centered the theme of Kai’s first birthday to his name’s meaning by giving him an underwater-themed birthday blast.

Celebrity couple John Prats and Isable Oli have three great kids and planned to have all their second names start with the letter “F”. They also didn’t just choose any name as they chose those that are quite rare. Their kids are Lilly Feather, Daniel Freedom, and Lilla Forest.

JC Santos’ baby girl with non-showbiz wife Shyleena Herrera is a cute little bundle of joy. Since 2019, baby River Aletheia has been bringing smiles to her parents and netizens with her cuteness and unique name. 

Ryza Cenon had her son Night in November 2020. After surprising fans with her baby bump, she couldn’t help but give them another gasp with her baby’s one-of-a-kind name. According to Ryza and her partner Miguel, “Night” for them meant how their baby boy gives them light in the darkness of the night in their lives.

Carlo Aquino, one of the leading men in the upcoming teleserye La Vida Lena, has an interesting story behind the name of his baby girl Enola Mithi with non-showbiz partner Trina Candaza. The first name “Enola” came from the backwards spelling of the word “alone” with the hopes of inspiring independence and adventure in their child. “Mithi”, on the other hand, is the name of the love interest of Carlo’s character in his old show, Pahina.

The love of all-around mom and prominent actress Judy Ann Santos for her adopted daughter Yohan (short for Johanna Louis) inspired Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo to build their family. Because of this, their two biological children’s names were taken from Yohan’s name and initials. Her siblings are names Juan Luis and Juana Luisa.

Do you have unique baby name ideas too?