Kapamilya Snaps: A peek inside 11 celebrity refrigerators!

From simply reading articles about them on magazines and online pages or watching their interviews and special features on talk and magazine shows, fans have now an easier way of getting a closer look into the lives of their favorite celebrities through social media and vlogs.

And apart from simply taking us to their everyday lives, vacations, and other personal milestones through their online posts, some of our favorite celebrities have also given us exclusive access to their humble abodes, from the different rooms that can be found inside it up to their refrigerators.

In this Kapamilya Snaps feature, let’s take a peek inside the fridges of these 11 celebrities that might inspire you to have one that is similar to theirs or to simply organize your stash!

Angeline Quinto

As her family transferred to their new home, Angeline proudly showed off her retro two-door mint green fridge in one her vlogs in December 2022. Aside from its “aesthetic” appearance, the I Can See Your Voice singvestigator specifically chose this model because her favorite color is green.

Having a baby at home, fruits and vegetables are a must-have for their household as they feed those to Baby Sylvio. They also have bottles of purified water and probiotic drinks; cans of juices and softdrinks; jars of jams, kimchi, and jalapeños; packs of chocolates and cheeses; boxes of milk and juices; baby food for her son; different types of fresh and processed meats; and other ready-to-cook frozen food.

Ivana Alawi

While we already got glimpses of their kitchen in the vlogs that she did, it was only in December 2021 when Ivana showed us their stark white two-door refrigerator, which truly blends in their newly-renovated minimalist and all-white kitchen.

Ivana’s “addiction” to cheese, a particular brand of soda, and chili were exposed as she showed off the content of their fridge. It also contains various veggies that, according to her, she was still trying to consume during that time.

Vice Ganda

She might not have featured her fridge in any of her vlogs, Vice Ganda allowed her “Beks Friends” Tonton, Orli, and Kitty to raid her three refrigerators. Yes, you’ve read that right! The Unkabogable Star’s huge, industrial abode has a chest freezer at her dirty kitchen that contains packs of ice and various frozen goods that range from processed food to fresh meat products.

The It’s Showtime maintay’s clean kitchen, on the other hand, has two different fridges. The first one is a two-door silver ref that mostly packed with vegetables, more frozen goods, ingredients for shabu-shabu, and side dishes for samgyeopsal. The second one, meanwhile, is also a two-door one that contains mostly of various types of beverages, spreads and dips, Korean side dishes, vegan frozen goods, and ice creams.

Kim Chiu

After touring us around her studio-type condominium – a.k.a. secret hideout – through one of her vlogs in 2021, Kim heeded to the request of her ardent viewers to reveal the contents of her two-door silver refrigerator in her next vlog.

Although she doesn’t stay there often, the Chinita Princess makes sure that it’s always full. Among the items we found inside were yoghurts, cheeses, milks, dips, sauces and side dishes, bottled water and softdrinks, and cans of sparkling water, softdrinks, and juices. The It’s Showtime host also has a variety of frozen goods, fruits, tray of eggs, candies and chocolates, bottles of wine, and chilis. In the freezer are more ready-to-cook frozen goods and soups, chilled wine glass, and ice creams.

Vicky Belo

It was also in 2021 when Kim’s longtime dream of seeing Dra. Belo’s ref in person finally came true as the celebrity doctor allowed her to do a raid. Just like how she used to see it in a Kapamilya TV show many years ago, her refrigerator is still filled with different types and shapes of chocolates from different parts of the world, but her most favorite is that one from Paris, France. Since she has a sweet tooth, she does not only keep chocolates, but also butter, candies, and gummies. She also imparted that she prefers dark chocolate more because it has anti-oxidants and is proven to be an anti-depressant.

And it seems that one is not enough to keep her chocolate collection as she has a second refrigerator for them. It also where she keeps her fruit juices and keto foods.

Francine Diaz

The Dirty Linen actress wasn’t able to hide her delight and excitement while cleaning and organizing their family’s typical two-door refrigerator in one of her YouTube videos in 2021.

After a quick trip to the grocery, Francine was able to stock up on different vegetables, meats, and drinks for their entire household. As she found it difficult to fit everything inside, she realized that they perhaps needed a new ref.

Belle MarianoBefore further shooting to immense stardom through He’s Into Her, Belle was already able to show off their f

amily refrigerator in an episode of Star Magic’s “Ref Check.” Just like almost everyone in this list, they also have a stash of sodas, juices, yoghurts, cheeses, milk drinks, vegetables, and fruits in their ref, while the freezer contained tubs of ice cream, frozen breakfast goods, and fresh and marinated meat products.

According to this video, some of her favorite food are cheese, broccoli juice, and buko pandan ice cream.

Kyle Echarri

Kyle was also featured in Star Magic’s “Ref Check,” wherein he enthusiastically showed to us the contents of their two-door silver ref. He expressed how proud he was that it was well-organized, thanks to their mom.

They have tubs of desserts and kimchi, bottles of juices and liquors, and stocks of fruits and vegetables, which are mostly consumed by his mother. As a “carnivore,” his most favorite part of their ref is the freezer where the fresh meats and frozen pika-pika food are kept. A unique item in their freezer are the rubber ice cubes, which helps in maintaining the coolness of their drinks instead of using regular ice cubes.

Maris Racal

After showing the “unboxing” of her new posh ref in a previous vlog, Maris went on to share the content of it in another vlog she posted in March 2022. While we commonly see sleek and one-color units, she opted for a ref with white and gray matte doors that really blended with the overall aesthetic of their kitchen.

Instead of simply putting the food items and beverages in the shelves, Maris used mini drawers in order to organize better their hauls. While going through each shelf, Maris imparted a few trivia about herself, such as how she used to hate yoghurt and broccoli; how she loves coconut drinks, tomato-based food, and milk; how the smell of bangus being cooked can make her feel nauseous; as well as how having an ice cream stash has helped heal her childhood.

Erich Gonzales

It has been around a year since the last time Erich uploaded a vlog on her channel. But thankfully, she’s able to share to us her own “What’s Inside My Ref” vlog in 2019 before taking a break. She animatedly showed the bottles of sparkling and regular water, cans of soda, yoghurts, fruits, boxes of milk, boxes and packs of chocolates, and wines. She also has tubs of ice cream in different flavors and frozen meat products.

Since she has a sweet tooth, Erich made sure that she has a lot of chocolates stocked in her ref as she usually brings some to work to perk her up during tapings.

Ryza Cenon

Last, but definitely not the least, is Ryza who had a surprise ref and pantry raid in one of her vlogs in 2021. She initially showed the medicines, camera films of her filmmaker-partner Miguel Antonio Cruz, beauty mask sheets, teethers of her son Night, and treats for their dogs.

They also have stocks of canned fruit juices, probiotic drinks, bottled iced teas, boxes of milk, fruits and vegetables kept in resealable bags, wine and alcoholic drinks, baking ingredients, and more random food items and condiments. In their freezer are ice creams, fresh meats, processed food, and other frozen goods.

Which celebrity ref did you find interesting? And whose fridge do you wish to see next?