Cebuano stars Kapamilya Snaps

While the showbiz industry is centralized in Manila, its talents come from all over the country.  In fact, a couple of multi-talented Pinoy celebs hail from Cebu, the largest island in Visayas. The distinct culture and values they have from being Cebuano has definitely molded them into the inspiring stars they are today. 

Meet 9 celebs that are proud of their Cebuano roots in this Kapamilya Snaps video!


Kim Chiu
This should come as no surprise since the young Kim Chiu entered Pinoy Big Brother with the moniker, “Chinese Cutie of Cebu.” Although the It’s Showtime host was born in Tacloban, Cebu is what she considers her hometown since it’s where she truly grew up. Her Cebuano and Chinese heritage is something Kim openly shares with the world, and it’s what ultimately made the people fall in love with her when she was in Kuya’s house. Being the first PBB Teens Big Winner and one of this generation’s most skilled stars, Kim is a pride and joy of Cebu. 


Erich Gonzales
If you watch the YouTube videos of La Vida Lena star Erich Gonzales, you know that she loves speaking in Bisaya. When she played the three person leading role in The Blood Sisters, one of her characters, Erika, is known for spurting some Bisaya lines. This may have come from her rich background being born in Cebu and raised in Davao growing up.


Enrique Gil
Enrique’s charm and good looks came from a variety of cultures — Spanish, German, and, of course, Filipino. The Make It With You star’s Cebuano roots also make up a huge part of who he is since he was born there, in his mother’s hometown. Even though Enrique was raised in Manila, he immerses in his Cebuano roots by learning a bit of the local dialect and constantly visiting the island with his family. 


Kyle Echarri
Multi-talented star Kyle Echarri was born and raised in the US, but his family moved to their family’s home in Cebu when he was 11 years old. Despite this, it’s as if he has been raised there ever since, given his skill in speaking the Bisaya and pride in his culture. When the lockdown started and he didn’t have any projects yet, the first instinct of the Huwag Kang Mangamba star was to stay in Cebu with his family. 


Matteo Guidicelli
Actor Matteo Guidicelli is a half-Italian and half-Filipino born in Cebu. He fully embraces his multi-cultural background since he can speak Italian, Tagalog, and Bisaya fluently. Now that he’s married to Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo, he would teach her lines as she wants to be a part of his Cebuano culture. During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they encouraged fellows to stay safe and stay at home in Bisaya. The Dolce Amore actor also brought his cultures together when his family introduced an Italian restaurant in Cebu. 


Vina Morales
Top diva singer Vina Morales’ rise to fame all started in Cebu. As a passionate belter beginning her singing career, she joined the local 1986 Cebu Pop Music Festival and emerged as the champion of the competition. Seeking potential to further her opportunities, the Marry Me Marry You star ventured into the showbiz industry in Manila. Regardless, she values her Cebuano lineage and ensures that her daughter Ceana learns Bisaya. 


Morissette Amon
Asia’s Phoenix Morisette Amon is a proud native of Cebu, being born and raised there. She is recognized globally for her amazing vocal range and is locally known as one of ASAP’s Birit Queens. Despite her large fame, she never forgets where she came from as her homecoming performances in Cebu are always something grand and special. 


Janine Berdin
Another individual proving that Cebuanas possess powerful and melodious voices is Janine Berdin. While she has been honing her star quality talents since she was young, she got her big break after gaining the title of Grand Champion during the second season of Tawag Ng Tanghalan on It’s Showtime. Currently, she is a regular on ASAP Natin ‘To and is considered as an icon for fellow Visayans. 


Slater Young
Before becoming the Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited Big Winner, Slater Young was simply known as  "The Hotshot Engineer of Cebu." With big dreams to prove himself, his determination and wit gave him an edge among the rest. He may not be in the limelight as much anymore, but it’s mostly because he  decided to live in Cebu to focus on growing his business and being with his wife Kryz Uy and first son Scott Knoa. 

Do you know other Kapamilya stars with Cebuano blood running in their veins?