Kapamilya Snaps: 8 inspiring teleserye families that touched our hearts over the years

Family has always been an integral part of Pinoy culture. They can be messy, but most of the time, we know we can rely on our family when things get rough. They’ll be there to stand by us through thick and thin and we’ll also be there for them.

This is why stories about Filipino families are always inspirational. Meet more inspiring families from teleseryes and their heartwarming moments in this Kapamilya Snaps video!

The big and happy family of the Mabungas from Pamilya Ko went through some challenging lows in their life. This includes the time that their mother Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) had to be hospitalized. Aside from it taking a toll on them financially, it definitely affected all of them emotionally. Fortunately, all of them remember to celebrate everything else they are thankful for and find happiness in their situation.

Popular noontime serye Be Careful With My Heart didn’t just warm our hearts with kilig, but also with the two touching families on the show. Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria)’s family, the Dela Rosas always showed us that working together as a family can overcome anything. Even when they are at their lowest, they lean on each other to get back up again. Sir Chief’s (Richard Yap) family or the Lims, on the other hand, are not as showy as the Dela Rosa but you can see how much they care about each other by the little things they do like cooking a family dinner or constantly worrying about one another.

The Tampipis, Chichay’s (Kathryn Bernardo) family on  Got To Believe, [LINK OUT https://ent.abs-cbn.com/gottobelieve/articles-photos/throwback-2013-pictorial-photos-of-got-to-believe-cast-14385] are not blessed with great wealth, but they are rich in love. They care so deeply about one another that Chichay even agreed to take a job as a stay-in nanny to the injured Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) in order to support her family. Her family understands that she’s busy because of it, but they constantly miss her and decide to give her a surprise visit once in a while.

Make It With You’s Dimagiba family is one solid family. Billy (Liza Soberano) and her whole reliable family tirelessly work on running their bakery in Nueva Valencia. Despite their busy schedules, they always manage to get together and celebrate their victories 一 big or small.

Ningning (Jana Agoncillo) and the rest of the Angeles family live a simple life. Despite just living on father Dondon’s (Ketchup Eusebio) earnings as a fisherman, they are content with their provincial life. However, dooming trials disrupted their happy life as a typhoon ruined Dondon’s boat and livelihood. Their family had to cope in many ways, and slowly with the help of each other, they were able to see the light in their dark troubles.

The brotherhood between fraternal twins JC (Ejay Falcon) and Aris (Aljur Abrenica) Reyes in Sandugo isn’t perfect. Aside from being separated from each other at a young age, they find themselves as rivals when they become adults. The whole Reyes family, indeed, had their mistakes and shortcomings. Although, throughout the story, we see how they grow as individuals and as a family until they become whole again.

The Crisostomos in Be My Lady went through a lot of relatable struggles. Nanay Marcy (Janice de Belen) had to work overseas to provide for her family, leaving the eldest daughter Pinang (Erich Gonzales) to take the common responsibilities of a mother. It wasn’t smooth sailing from there as more obstacles came their way in their journey to have a good life. Regardless, they knew that their efforts to get through it as a family will always prevail.

The Alegre children Amanda (Dimples Romana), Andrei (Matt Evans), Paeng (Arron Villaflor), and Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann) in The Greatest Love don’t naturally get along because of the secrets and issues in their family. For years, it was hard for them to see past that. However, as their mother Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it was immediately clear to them that they would have to resolve their problems so that they can be there for their beloved parent. The transition was not instantaneous, but they worked to make progress in rebuilding their relationship and care for each other. 

Take a lesson from these teleserye families and cherish your loved ones!