Kapamilya Snaps: 8 female celebs you may not know are into motorcycling!

Gone are the days when motorcycles are just toys for the big boys as we have surely noticed how there’s a growing number of women at present who are showing the world that they can also slay on the road while on their two wheels.

Among them are famous female personalities who, despite usually being sophisticated and glamorous onscreen and their other media and public appearances, instantly transform into badass and awesome femme fatales every time they go on rides. Just like the stars we listed in this Kapamilya Snaps feature!

Kim Rodriguez

First off is the Nag-aapoy na Damdamin actress, who may appear sultry and feminine, but is actually the boyish type. Aside from her inclination to male-dominated hobbies like playing basketball and drums, as well as feeling more comfortable in wearing her brothers’ clothes whenever she’s at home, she also revealed how much she loves to drive her big bikes.

A quick glance on her Instagram account and it would be easy for one to infer that she’s a certified biker babe! Whenever she’s not busy at work, Kim loves to go on chill rides and has even tried racing, as what she shared on social media in recent years. It was seemingly in the last quarter of 2021 when she started attending riding classes to learn and train how to race on track, and updates her followers regarding her developments.

Nadine Lustre

She’s undoubtedly one of the adventurous female celebs we know, may it be in her career, her life in general, or her travels. And aside from swimming, strolling, basking in the sun, and taking tons of aesthetic shots whenever she’s in Siargao, Nadine also loves to roam around the picturesque island by riding a motorcycle.

Kim Chiu

Having an adrenaline-junkie and equally-adventurous boyfriend in Xian Lim has apparently influenced Kim to also enjoy riding motorcycles. Whenever both of them are not busy with work, they sometimes opt to go on romantic rides en route to places where they want to chill and even just enjoy the view.

While it can be assumed that she’s a “dakilang angkas,” but the It’s Showtime host actually had fun trying out motocross back in 2017, with Xian as her number one cheerleader. She wrote in the caption of that post, “didn’t have any idea driving this thing…but slowly, step by step ill get through it!!! [sic]”

Yassi Pressman

One of the celebrities who inspire us to get fit and live an active lifestyle is Yassi. Aside from eating healthy and working out, she is also enjoying various hobbies like motocross. In a YouTube video, she shared a training session at an off-road riding camp. But prior to this, Yassi already knew how to ride a scooter, which gave her an advantage when learning how to ride a big bike.

Sarah Lahbati

Apart from being a doting and hands-on homemaker and being one of the most stylish celebrities in the local entertainment scene, Sarah is also adored for being a thrill-seeking woman! Apparently influenced by her husband, the The Iron Heart lead star Richard Gutierrez, she decided to learn how to drive a motorbike so they could go on rides together. In fact, she took up a mix of face-to-face and online lessons that eventually earned her a student permit. It has also become their family’s bonding activity as their adorable sons Zion and Kai undergo driving lessons and enjoy motocross as well.

Ella Cruz

We all know that she’s a talented actress and dancer ever since her child star days. But not many are aware that Ella is also good in riding the two wheels! Through the help of her father, who’s an avid motorcycle rider himself, they found a riding school where she started her training. But prior to that, she has been actively joining various motorcycle events, which is probably a step closer to her dream of becoming a professional racer. One of the recent events she participated in was held in 2020 at the Clark International Speedway.

Julia Montes

From being a talented child and teen star, we have witnessed how Julia Montes has grown into becoming one of the most versatile and bankable actresses of her generation, who have already proven her prowess in drama and action. And doing action roles, like her character Mara in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, have required her not just to learn how to properly handle guns and execute action scenes, but also ride a motorcycle.

Her trainings have made her discover the thrill of driving the two wheels and went on to eventually love it. In an IG post in 2018, Julia enthusiastically revealed, “Yes ! Adventurous type ako .. di lng tlga halata dahil di ako pala post [sic].”

Eula Valdes

Last, but definitely not the least, is Eula, who doesn’t only show her ferocity in the teleseryes and movies that she stars in, but also on the road whenever she’s on her big bike. Yes, you’ve read that right! The veteran actress who’s already in her 50s is a certified biker and actually enjoys going on solo and group rides, as seen in some of the photos that the “Unbreak My Heart” star shared on IG.

Do these famous femme fatales inspire you to try riding a motorcycle, too? Who among them do you fancy to go on a ride with?