Kapamilya Snaps: 7 Endearing celebrity grandfathers we all admire and love

While being a Kapamilya celebrity takes up a lot of time and energy, family is still a major priority for them. Those that stand as grandfathers especially set aside time to be there for their grandkids. After all, grandfathers have a special place in a kid’s heart.

Despite their busy schedules, here are some Kapamilya celebrities that also manage to be super granddads. Meet all of them in this special Kapamilya Snaps episode.

Even if he’s named Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano still gets drained from working long hours. Fortunately, he gets a quick energy recharge when he's reunited with his adorable granddaughter, Leia. The little cutie’s nickname for Gary, “Pappie”, also doesn’t fail to brighten his day.

Veteran actor Aga Muhlach enjoys being a grandfather to the four kids of his son, Luigi Muhlach. With years of acting under his belt, it must be refreshing to wind down and be a kid with his playful grandchildren.

Certified cinema “Bad Boy” Robin Padilla loses all his macho-ness every time he’s with baby Alas. The action star can’t help but hold his cute little grandson tight in his arms, no matter where they go.

Young actress Janine Gutierrez’s grandfather a.k.a. “oppa” Christopher De Leon likes to feel young amongst his many grandkids. The seasoned actor may have project after project lined up, but he doesn’t forget to set aside time for his family.

Baby Rocio Catrice can’t get enough of grandfather Michael De Mesa’s foot kisses. At the same time, her playful lolo also can’t get enough of her. Her angelic face and warm laugh makes lolo Michael want to keep her smiling all the time.

Distance doesn’t stop the talented actor Albert Martinez from connecting with his grandchildren. Even if they are all the way in California, Albert finds a way to reunite with them. When they are together, he doesn’t waste any second and has an absolute blast with them, especially with her first granddaughter Adalynn.

Former matinee idol and showbiz royalty Eddie Gutierrez is a grandfather to many. As his family grows bigger and bigger, he makes sure to make lots of space for them in his heart. Because of this, his grandkids absolutely love making memories with him. Zion, his son Richard Gutierrez’s eldest, always gives him a warm hug when they’re together. Janine Gutierrez, his son Monching’s daughter, also loves showing off their throwback photos. 

Did these make you miss your own lolo? Don’t forget to greet your own grandfathers this coming Father’s Day as they are amazing father figures to not just their kids, but also their grandkids!