Kapamilya Snaps: 15 well-loved on-screen pairs who made us kilig through the years

While other countries probably don’t have them, love teams have been a huge and important part of Philippine entertainment ever since it began a long, long time ago. And through the years, different tandems were born and went on to conquer our hearts until their team-ups were put to an end due to various reasons.

However, that’s always not the case since some of the on-screen pairs we admired continued their romantic ties behind-the-scenes as they turned out to become real-life couples that we keep on avidly stanning.  

And in this episode of Kapamilya Snaps, let’s get to know some of the most successful tandems on local television history that we fervently supported and loved and that made us genuinely kilig through the years!
Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III

Conquering the entertainment scene from the 60s up to the 80s via their slew of box-office successes, top-rating TV and radio shows, and best-selling records, Nora and Tirso are undoubtedly one of the most popular loveteams of all time. 

Coming from different walks of life – Nora from an impoverished family from Iriga, Camarines Sur while Tirso from a famous family of singers and musicians – their paths still intertwined when they worked together in the 1969 films “9 Teeners and Yeye Generation!” But it was in “Young Girl” when they were first paired as love team and went on star in innumerable teleseryes and films, with the 1971 Manila Film Festival entry “Guy And Pip” being the highest grossing of all. 

They later on became a couple who had an on-and-off relationship and a “daughter” named Maria Leonora Theresa, which was a gift of Tirso to Nora. The lovely doll unbelievably shot up to stardom like her superstar “parents” and was treated as a celebrity both by the industry and fans.

However, their team-up remained a reel one after they walked on different paths and built their respective families. 

Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz

Established to become the rival of the influential “Guy and Pip” tandem, the “Vi and Bot” team-up of Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz went on to become successful as well as they starred in a slew of blockbuster films ever since they were launched in the 1970 flick “Young Love” and recorded a several songs together.

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They also became a couple for a while, with the Star For All Seasons regarding him as her first love and boyfriend, who she recalled in an interview in Magandang Buhay as super protective of her. They may not have ended up together as both of them have been happily married to their respective spouses, but Direk Bobot and Batangas Governor Vilma have remained close friends up to the present. 

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion

Sparks seemingly flew right away between Sharon and Gabby when they first starred together in their launching film “Dear Heart” in 1981 as they immediately became a couple. Because of its tremendous commercial success, they went on to topbill its sequel “P.S. I Love You” on that same year and the 1984 flick “Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?” Those were both blockbuster hits and bestowed them a huge fan base, hailing them as the movie power couple of the 80s.    

They tied the knot on September 23, 1984 and were blessed with a beautiful daughter a year after who they named Maria Kristina Cassandra. However, their marriage only lasted for three years as they got legally separated in 1987 and eventually got annulled in 1993.

Both of them have remained active in showbiz and have families of their own. Sharon has been married to Senator Kiko Pangilinan for 24 years now to whom she has three kids, while Gabby tied the knot with Genevieve Yatco Gonzales in 2004 and shares two children with her.

Maricel Soriano and William Martinez

With their natural chemistry and flair in making the viewers laugh and kilig at the same time in the movies they starred, Maricel and William could be considered as the “Rom-Com King and Queen” of their time.

Their tandem was launched in 1981 when they headlined the movie “Oh My Mama.” Due to their notable kulitan moments and funny banters, they instantly became a well-loved pair and were eventually dubbed as Regal’s most popular love team. “Taray and Kulit” – monikers given to them by their fans – are said to have an on-and-off real-life romance during the early years of their love team.

William and Maricel got reunited many years after in the 2009 ABS-CBN series Florinda, which was a part of the Sineserye Presents: The Susan Roces Cinema Collection. But far from the comic characters they used to portray, we found in a different light as we saw them play serious roles in the said drama.

Both of them are still active in the industry as the veteran actor appears in some TV shows and movies in the recent years such as FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, while the Diamond Star is currently part of the primetime series Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin.

Judy Ann Santos and Wowie De Guzman

As Judy Ann marked the significant part of her acting career by playing one of the titular roles in the long-running classic ABS-CBN melodrama Mara Clara, it was also when she met Wowie De Guzman, a member of the dance group Universal Motion Dancers who stood as his leading man and eventual first boyfriend.

Apart from their astounding performances on the said series, their notable chemistry also caught the hearts of the viewers. Thus, they went on to star in another classic drama titled Esperanza in 1997 and several films, such as “Mara Clara: The Movie” (1996), “Esperanza: The Movie” (1999), “Paano Ang Puso Ko?” (1997), and “Muling Ibalik Ang Tamis Ng Pag-ibig” (1998), and was hailed as one of the most popular showbiz tandems in the 90s.

Wowie remained active in the recent years by appearing in several TV shows and movies, vlogging, and being a Zumba instructor while being a hands-on single dad. Meanwhile, Judy Ann juggles her time as the host of Paano Kita Mapapasalamatan? and in taking good care of her family with Ryan Agoncillo and managing their restaurant business.

Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin

Their team-up was born in 1996 through the teen-oriented series Gimik. Due to their unmistakable chemistry, they went on to star in a slew of successful movie and TV projects, such as “Labs Ko Si Babe” (1999), “Flames: The Movie” (1997), “Kung Ayaw Mo, Huwag Mo” (1998), “Labs Kita…Okey Ko Lang?” (1998), and “Gimik: The Reunion” (1999), gaining them the recognition of being one of the most popular on-screen pairs of the 90s.

After working in another network for many years, they returned to ABS-CBN and delighted the Kapamilya fans anew when they worked together in the 2015 drama Flordeliza

Because of their sweetness on-and-off-cam, many of us have probably assumed that they used to become a real couple. However, in their guesting in Gandang Gabi Vice, they revealed that both of them fell in love with each other with Marvin wooing her and Jolina expressing her love for him, but that didn’t push through to a serious relationship due to an alleged miscommunication.

WATCH on GGV: Jolina shares "I Love You Babe'" story with Marvin

Jolina is a dutiful homemaker to her lovely family with Rivermaya band member Mark Escueta, while Marvin is hands-on in taking good care of his twin sons and in managing his food business. The two have remained close through the years and are celebrating the 23rd anniversary of their “labtim” this year.

Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan

Another popular celebrity pair in the 90s, Claudine and Rico had never failed to make us kilig ever since working together in the 1996 film “Radio Romance.” They went on to top-bill other romance drama projects in the succeeding years, such as “Flames: The Movie” (1997), “Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita” (1998), and “Saan Ka Man Naroroon” (1999), and “Got 2 Believe” (2002) – making it possible for love to blossom between them and become a couple.

Unfortunately, their four-year love story faced a tragic end because of Rico’s untimely death on March 29, 2002. Even though it was hard for her, Claudine moved on with life and got married in 2006. Since her divorce in 2013, she’s been raising her three kids Sabina, Santino, and Quia singlehandedly. 

Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales

After their initial team-up in the weekly family drama Ang Munting Paraiso in 1999, Kristine and Jericho went on to become one of hottest on-and-off-screen pairs in the early 2000s. They also topbilled the classic dramas Pangako Sa ‘Yo and Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas and remarkable films “Trip” (2001), “Forevermore” (2002), and “Ngayong Nandito Ka” (2003).

They got reunited in the 2009 ABS-CBN series Dahil May Isang Ikaw, which was also the time when the actor clarified the speculations regarding their breakup many years ago. 

In the press conference of the said show, he revealed that he decided to do so because he couldn’t handle the pressure of being in a relationship and being busy with his career, as well as their irreconcilable issues that often got them into fights.

Both of them have remained active in show business and are happy with their family lives – Echo with his model-wife Kim Jones, while Tin with her actor-husband Oyo Boy Sotto.

Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz

After getting paired for the first time in the 2002 soap opera Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, which was both their breakthrough project, Bea and John Lloyd became the most in-demand love team of their generation.

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They starred in a string of top-rating dramas, namely, It Might Be You  (2003), Maging Sino Ka Man (2006), Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik  (2007), I Love Betty La Fea  (2008), and A Beautiful Affair  (2012). 

Besides, their films “My First Romance” (2003), “Now That I Have You” (2004), “Close To You” (2006), “All About Love” (2006), “One More Chance” (2007), “Miss You Like Crazy” (2010), “The Mistress” (2012), and “A Second Chance” (2015) were all blockbuster hits too!

However, even though their portrayals made us believe that they’re indeed the one for each other, this has not been the same story in real life as they apparently only see each other as a great friend, talented co-actor, and an admirable loveteam partner.

They delighted their fans last April 2020 with their highly anticipated reunion through an experimental movie streamed live on Instagram. 

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson

A team-up born during their Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1 days, Kim and Gerald instantly catapulted into becoming the most phenomenal love team of their generation. 

As soon as they returned to the outside world, they were bestowed a slew of TV and movie gigs that includes Sana Maulit Muli (2007), My Girl  (2008), Tayong Dalawa (2009), “First Day High” (2006), “I’ve Fallen For You” (2007), “Paano Na Kaya” (2010), and “Till My Heartaches End” (2010).

KimErald’s shocking breakup around a decade ago also ensued to the parting ways of their loveteam as they got paired with other actors. They got reunited in 2017 via the daytime series Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin.

They’ve remained among the bankable superstars of Philippine showbiz. Gerald’s latest projects were the action drama A Soldier’s Heart and the digital film Love Unlock, while Kim headlined Love Thy Woman and is the newest host of It’s Showtime.    

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim

Her previous reel-to-real partnership may have ended roughly, Kim’s on-and-off-screen relationship with Xian has been sailing smoothly ever since they started in 2011 via Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin

Seeing their notable chemistry, they were paired with one another in a slew of small and big screen projects such as My Binondo Girl (2011), Ina, Kapatid, Anak (2012), The Story Of Us  (2017), “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?” (2013), “Bride For Rent” (2014), and “Past Tense” (2014), with the recently-concluded afternoon soap opera Love Thy Woman as their latest.

While both of them had been mum regarding the real status of their relationship, KimXi finally spoke up about them in separate and different interviews in the recent years but never revealed how long they’ve been together.

Nadine Lustre and James Reid

As they immediately made everyone kilig with their inaugural team-up in the music video of James’ single “Alam Niya Ba?” released in 2013, they went on to snag their breakthrough stints in “Diary ng Panget” in 2014 that gave birth to their phenomenal love team. 

They went on to become Kapamilya talents that same year and topbilled Wansapanataym: My App Boyfie (2014), Maalaala Mo Kaya: Stuffed Toy (2015), On The Wings Of Love (2015), and Till I Met You (2016). They also starred in blockbuster projects “This Time” (2016) and “Never Not Love You” (2018).

Just like the other love teams in this list, James and Nadine also fell in love with each other and became officially #TeamReal in February 2016 when he declared his love for her in front of their throngs of fans in their JaDine In Love concert in February 2016. They later on confirmed their relationship in their slew of media interviews, which, according to them, developed during their filming of On The Wings Of Love.

Their career paths may have begun to diverge last year and even broke the hearts of their ardent shippers when they announced their breakup last January, but the two have apparently remained good friends and continued to work together through James’ music label Careless Music Manila, in which Nadine is one of its recording artists.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil

From being the best friend of Enrique’s character in the 2013 Star Cinema flick “She’s The One,” Liza eventually became his loveteam partner a year after in the hit romcom series Forevermore, which was her project as the lead actress. 

Following its success, they went on to become among the hottest loveteams of their generation and starred in a slew of teleseryes and films, namely, “Just The Way You Are” (2015), “Everyday I Love You” (2015), Dolce Amore (2016), “My Ex and Whys” (2017), Bagani (2018), and “Alone/Together” (2019). Their latest project together was the romcom series Make It With You.

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LizQuen delighted us when they announced that they’re officially a couple during their guesting in Gandang Gabi Vice last year, which was followed by their separate conversations with the King of Talk in Tonight With Boy Abunda wherein Liza revealed that they have been together since 2014, the same year their team-up was launched.

Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia

Coming from different walks of life – Julia as a scion of the influential Barretto clan while Joshua as simple young Batangueño who joined Pinoy Big Brother All In to help his family – the two found their paths intertwined when they got paired for the first time in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Vince And Kath And James.

Romance seemingly bloomed between them during while working on the said movie, which Joshua confessing at the press conference for their 2018 movie “Love You To The Stars And Back” that he already had a crush on Julia even prior it and that he had been courting her since early 2017.

They may not be official yet, but they were spotted in different occasion together in 2017 – Coldplay’s Manila concert, Star Magic Ball, and Barretto Family’s Christmas vacation in Japan with Erich. JoshLia may have gone through a rough patch in 2018, but they’re able to mend it and went on to work on their first-ever teleserye together Ngayon At Kailanman

Although they didn’t have any official confirmation of their relationship, their avid shippers were surely delighted when they found out through Instagram Stories that they were on their second year as a couple in April 2019. But that happiness didn’t last long as the two announced their breakup in June without disclosing the reason behind it.

Despite their breakup, they’re still able to work alongside each other in the Star Cinema flick “Block Z” and in the mini digital movie Love Unlock.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

They may not be supposed to be paired with each other, but fate still had its way of intertwining their paths when they initially worked together in the 2011 teen weekly drama Growing Up. They immediately clicked and incredibly garnered a huge fanbase through the years, earning them the “Teen King” and “Teen Queen” titles.

KathNiel went on to star in top-rating teleseryes Princess and I (2012), Got To Believe (2013), Pangako Sa ‘Yo (2015), and La Luna Sangre (2017), and a string of blockbuster hits such as “She’s Dating The Gangster” (2014), “Crazy Beautiful You” (2015), “Barcelona: A Love Untold” (2016), “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (2017), and the top-grossing film of 2018 “The Hows Of Us.”

Even though it has been evident that there’s something going on romantic between them, but it was only at the presscon of their latest big screen stint when they confirmed that they have been in a relationship for more than five years already.

As they mark their eighth year this 2020, Kathryn and Daniel currently star in the digital movie series “The House Arrest Of Us”  that can be exclusively watched on iWantTFC in a pay-per-view basis.

Who among these celebrity lov eteams you shipped the hardest?