Kapamilya Snaps: 15 strong, admirable female teleserye characters who champion empowerment

Regardless of the challenges and struggles that women face, they are always rising above and proving their incredible strength — physically, mentally, and emotionally. More and more female role models emerge with these amazing qualities as our society continuously progresses in gender equality and women empowerment.

We don’t even need to look far from our homes because our mothers, sisters, and girlfriends can already embody such examples. We also have female leaders and personalities in the media that do their best to make a difference and positively impact society. This representation is valuable for everyone because it gives us people to look up to and consider as inspiration in achieving our goals. 

In this Kapamilya Snaps video, we see that even the Kapamilya teleseryes we are watching introduce us to strong female characters. They may all have different personalities, but each and every one of them are all admirable in their own way. Get to know them by watching the video. 

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin features three women that command the story of the whole serye. Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) constantly shows us that she is fierce enough to stand up to the Villarosas, no matter how much they push her down. When the burden gets too heavy and falls, she knows that the only way to move forward is to get back up. Her main opposition on the show, Ellice (Iza Calzado), is a matching force, but a better way to describe her is that she’s a fighter. Every step of the way, there’s another obstacle she’ll have to face but that doesn’t stop her from overcoming it. She always sticks to her truth and is determined to show everyone she’s the boss. 

Since Marissa and Ellice are powerful figures that clash from time to time, we seek Nanay Lucing’s (Maricel Soriano) voice of reason among the mayhem. Her compassion shows us that strength isn’t the only way to fight. The love and care she has for her family fuels her to make rational actions and succeed in keeping them safe. 

If we’re looking for someone that has both physical and emotional strength, Celine (Angelica Panganiban) from Walang Hanggang Paalam is the one that comes to mind. Her bravery is the main weapon she used to get through the pain of loss of her son and the challenges she confronted to find him again. 

Also from the messy world of Walang Hanggang Paalam where many secrets are hidden, Sam (Arci Muñoz) lets us know the value of loyalty. When things got rough, she never doubted her partner Emman (Paulo Avelino) and stayed by his side through it all.

Tisay (Heaven Paralejo) in Bagong Umaga is equally honorable for her unwavering spirit despite the misfortunes her family faced and their chaotic relationship with the Veradonas. She continues to stand by and believe in her friends and family because they could handle any hardship as long as they’re together. One of those friends that Tisay fully trusts is Angge (Michelle Vito). Angge’s optimism is what helps Tisay and her other friends move forward from all the drama and issues they encountered. 

While the other two Bagong Umaga characters remain hopeful in times of trouble, Cai (Barbie Imperial) demonstrates that we also need to be assertive. She is a girl that knows what she wants and deserves so she does everything in her power to always get from point A to point B. 

Another woman who isn’t afraid to hold anything back is Diana (Angel Aquino) from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. In the midst of dangerous battles and fights for the sake of justice, she is one of the most fearless and reliable companions from Cardo’s (Coco Martin) camp.

Unlike most, Ana (Julia Montes) of Asintado may be facing her problems alone, but she is one determined individual that refuses to give up. Even after she attempted to take her life, she recollected herself and focused on improving herself to emerge stronger than ever. 

Olivia (Eula Valdez) from The Good Son, on the other hand, showcases the wonders of wit and intelligence. This matriarch and widow may have lost a lot of things, but her cleverness remains precisely intact. With all the sneaking and vicious crimes surrounding the show, Olivia is consistently one step ahead. In order to protect her sons, she makes sure to outsmart every single person that comes to foil her plans. 

Kadenang Ginto also features two iconic mothers that portray extraordinary resilience. Cassie’s (Francine Diaz) mother, Romina (Beauty Gonzalez), is known to be a survivor. Throughout the teleserye, we follow how she survives getting raped, abused, and even falsely accused of murder. She seeks her revenge with her head held high and, at the same time, stands as a dependable mother and role model to Cassie. Conversely, Marga’s (Andrea Brilliantes) mother, Daniela (Dimples Romana) may have been a source of some of Romina’s struggles. However, from a bigger perspective, she was only being maternal to her daughter. All her actions stem from the fact that she wants to protect and do what she thinks is best for her family the same way we would do for our own.

These female characters may be fictional, but we know that the things they represent ring true. Seeing them exemplify such admirable traits on screen inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves. Can you think of more Kapamilya female characters we can add to the list?