Kapamilya Snaps Female stars real names

When you’re a fan, you just want to know everything under the sun about your celeb idols. Have you ever wondered what their real name might be?

Celebrities take on screen names to make it short and easier for audiences to remember, so you’ll be amazed to find out that some of them have long names — sometimes far from their screen name.

Get to know the real-life names of your favorite female stars in this Kapamilya Snaps episode!

Yam Concepcion

Ever since she gained popularity from playing fierce roles in Halik and Love Thy Woman, Yam was already using her shortened screen name instead of her full name Lorraine May Concepcion. “Yam”, which is May written backwards, may be a nickname she has been using way before she rose to fame. Today, she is playing her first leading lady role in the steamy teleserye Init Sa Magdamag and is happily engaged to her long-time non-showbiz boyfriend.

Andrea Brillantes

You may be thinking that “Andrea” is one of her names, but it actually isn’t. The complete name of this Kadenang Ginto and Huwag Ka Mangamba star is Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza. Her beautiful name, especially “Blythe,” is one that she constantly uses in real life, but when she’s in work mode, she’s comfortable just being Andrea.

Erich Gonzales

If you watched the second season of Star Circle Quest back in 2004, then you may know that Erich’s name is Erika Chryselle Gonzales Gancayco. While we love her as Erika Chryselle, we know how amazingly she has grown since she made her screen name Erich and gained stardom. Her roles in Katorse, The Blood Sisters, and La Vida Lena make her one of the most prominent actresses in the industry.

Liza Soberano

Even if many know this Dolce Amore star as Liza, many are now familiar that she goes by “Hope” from her full name Hope Elizabeth Soberano.

Liza has since been one of the top Kapamilya leading ladies in recent years, with such top-rating shows as Bagani, Make It With You, and her career-defining Forevermore, with reel- and real-life boyfriend Enrique Gil.

Bea Alonzo

Many are surprised to find out that the real name of blockbuster star Bea Alonzo is Phylbert Angelli Ranollo. With Bea Alonzo being a household name, it’s hard to believe that her real name is so far from her screen name. Yet, her name holds a wonderful meaning because “Phylbert” is the name of her grandfather and “Angelli” is a mix of her mother Ann’s name and her mom’s favorite actress, Gelli de Belen.

Dimples Romana

Dimples may be a quirky name, but it definitely suited this dimpled Kadenang Ginto and Huwag Kang Mangamba actress, so much so that we forget it’s not her real name. Dimples may be fully immersing herself in different characters when she acts, but deep down inside she is still Dianne Marie Romana Ahmee.

Eula Valdes

Eula is an actress known by many generations, but her real name remains a mystery to some. Her portrayals on Love Thy Woman and Huwag Kang Mangamba recently gained the attention of many fans and when they search about her, they find out her real name is Julia Amorsolo Valdes.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

This world-class singer and ASAP Natin ‘To performer is an icon not just to the Filipinos, but even foreigners across the world. As her marvelous voice propelled her to the top, the world named her as “Asia’s Songbird.” However, a name that she has had since forever was Regina Encarnacion Ansong Velasquez. After she got married to OPM icon Ogie Alcasid, she officially changed her full name to Regina Encarnacion Ansong Velasquez-Alcasid.

KZ Tandingan

Since winning The X Factor Philippines in 2012, we’ve known her as “KZ”. We just went with it because it certainly suits the spunk and edge of this singer-rapper, yet it’s always an interesting piece of information to know what the “KZ” stands for. It’s the first two initials of her real name which is Kristine Zhenie Tandingan.

Yeng Constantino

In any karaoke place, you’ll see Yeng name plastered on the most popular songs. This OPM rockstar has been known for many years and it would be hard to name her differently. This is why it’s shocking to know how different her real name Josephine Eusebio Constantino-Asuncion is from “Yeng”.


Even with just four letters, thousands of people already recognize her. Jaya, the Queen of Soul, almost always doesn’t need an introduction. However, if you introduce her as her birth name Maria Luisa Ramsey Kagahastian, the audience may need more context. 

Arci Muñoz

Walang Hanggang Paalam star Arci actually goes by many names. When she’s in show business, she’s Arci Muñoz. When she’s rocking with her band Philia, she’s Ramona Thornes. But when she just wants to be her real, authentic self, she sticks to her actual name Ramona Cecilia Muñoz.

Bela Padilla

Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa actress Bela, whose actual name is Krista Cariño Sullivan, went through a lot of phases before landing her current screen name. Since entering showbiz when she was still a student, she first had the screen name “Krista Valle” and later changed it to “Krista Sullivan.” Eventually, she found that “Bela Padilla” worked for her best, but she will still remain the determined Krista Cariño Sullivan within.

Yassi Pressman

After her tremendous role as Alyana in the longest running teleserye FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, people used Alyana and her screen name Yassi interchangeably. She was one with the character so well and it was hard to let go that she had left the show. But now, as she explores more opportunities and projects out there, we can start to get to know the real Yassi a.k.a Yasmin Isabel Yasto Pressman.

Ivana Alawi

Her hoards of subscribers, fans, and followers simply know her as Ivana. But as her YouTube account grew and she portrayed notable roles in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa, we all got to know Ivana a lot more. This rising star likes to get real when she vlogs and posts on social media so we get to know more fun facts about her like her real name, Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Al Alawi.

Whose real name surprised you the most?