KSnaps Jobs before celeb became famous

While some may be blessed to be born with a silver spoon in the mouth, many of us have to work hard day and night in order to provide for their families and give them comfortable lives. With the fame they’ve been savoring through the years, it’s arguably hard to believe that some of our favorite celebrities used to be like us – ordinary people working on getting by.

Just like the stars listed in this Kapamilya Snaps feature who worked a variety of odd jobs, such as janitor, waiter, salesman, and even a mascot. Read on and be inspired by their journeys!

1. Coco Martin worked as a janitor and housekeeper in Canada

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano leading man Coco Martin worked a variety of jobs before breaking into the local entertainment scene as an indie actor. He experienced being a flyer distributor, waiter, barista, and an overseas Filipino worker in Canada, wherein he worked as a janitor during weekdays and then a housekeeper during weekends. 

2. Piolo Pascual got a taste of the Hollywood life as a commission-based salesman in Beverly Hills

Prior to being the country’s Ultimate Heartthrob, Piolo Pascual used to be an OFW at one point in his life. In 1996, the My Papa Pi star joined his family in California, USA, where he worked as an emergency room representative, a security guard at the Academy Awards, and a commission-based salesman that required him to visit different offices in Beverly Hills.

3. Pia Wurtzbach was a waitress and factory worker  before becoming Miss Universe 2015

His co-star Pia Wurtzbach, meanwhile, used to have humble life prior to catapulting to immense stardom as Miss Universe 2015. At 11, she had taken the role of her family’s breadwinner through modelling and acting stints here in the Philippines, then lived briefly with her family in United Kingdom where she worked as a waitress at a hotel and a factory worker in United Kingdom.

4. Jericho Rosales took on odd jobs in his teenage years prior to stardom

Those who are able to follow the career of Jericho Rosales would know that he truly started from the bottom and worked his way up to become “Asia’s Drama King.” Prior to joining a reality search in the 90s, Jericho worked as a fish vendor, jeepney barker, personal driver, and service crew member at a pizza chain.

5. Melai Cantiveros was an English teacher before becoming a PBB Big Winner

Before being the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up in 2009, and becoming one of the popular personalities in local showbiz, Magandang Buhay host Melai Cantiveros actually is a practicing English teacher. She may not be able to complete her college degree, yet she still had experience in teaching students.

6. Kaori Oinuma helped her single mom by working as a a caregiver at 16

He’s Into Her actress Kaori Oinuma used to live in Japan before moving here to the Philippines to join PBB Otso in 2019. With her desire to help her single mom, she worked as a caregiver at 16 years old during one summer in Japan.

7. Nikko Natividad was a waiter and florist prior to It's Showtime stint

Prior to becoming one of the members of the It’s Showtime boy group Hashtags, Nikko Natividad was a waiter at a casual-dining restaurant. Thus, he was dubbed “Ang Waiter ng Malolos City, Bulacan” when he joined the noontime show’s “Gandang Lalaki, Kumakareer” segment in 2014, which he eventually won. He also experienced washing jeepneys and working as a wedding coordinator, and even tried his luck in the United Arab Emirates as a florist.

8. Marvin Agustin explored various jobs in the food industry

After spending most of his life in the limelight, former matinee idol Marvin Agustin has been focusing on his food business in the recent years. But unbeknown to us, his journey in the food industry actually started at a much earlier age. Before becoming an actor, Marvin worked as a waiter, janitor, bartender, kitchen staff, and even as a mascot in various food establishments.

9. Diether Ocampo was a pizza chain service crew member and bartender

Diether Ocampo may be one of the biggest names in the early 2000s as well, but some Kapamilyas today might not know about his humble beginnings in the food industry. He used to be a service crew member at a pizza chain and then a bartender at a bar in Quezon City.

10. Martin Nievera earned his first dollar by working on their family's burger business

He may be one of the legends of OPM, but Martin Nievera did not rise to fame overnight. The Concert King used to live in Hawaii, where he worked at a family-owned burger place after school in his teenage years. His job included cooking, cleaning, and serving customers.

11. Boy Abunda sold encyclopedias and fire extinguishers, as well as worked in a restaurant

And lastly, he may be Philippine showbiz’s one and only King of Talk, but Boy Abunda is no stranger to the hardship of life. There was a time when he was homeless and slept on benches in Luneta Park and tried every job he could – from being a salesman of encyclopedia and fire extinguishers to being a server and assistant cook in a restaurant.

These Kapamilya stars prove that among the secrets to success is hard work and determination. So, just like them, don’t give up and continue reaching for your dreams!