Kapamilya Snaps: 10 young actresses ready for the big time as the next leading ladies

Rising to fame may be common now with lots of people going viral or trending once in a while, but sustaining that fame is a different challenge altogether. Talent and hardwork are key to making the difference.

While some may think it could take years to do that, these young Kapamilya actresses are already mastering their craft early and are considered as the promising big stars of tomorrow. Get to meet them all in this Kapamilya Snaps episode!

Andrea Brillantes

The 2013 teleserye Annaliza may have allowed Andrea to catch everyone’s eyes, but it was her amazing performance that led her to be called on for more projects.

After years of being a child actress, she has grown into a talented woman. Her portrayal of the sassy and fierce Marga in Kadenang Ginto received lots of praise, leading her to explore more challenging acting opportunities including her current role as the blind Mira in the primetime series Huwag Kang Mangamba.

Francine Diaz

An actress like Francine Diaz would be hard to ignore. Even during her very minor roles in Be My Lady, Pasión de Amor, and The Blood Sisters at the beginning of her career, people already started to take notice of her potential.

She finally was able to steal the spotlight when she got casted as the sweet Cassie in one of the Best Daytime Series, Kadenang Ginto. Given her tremendous gift for acting at a young age, it’s a given that she could achieve one of the lead star roles in Huwag Kang Mangamba alongside Andrea.

Belle Mariano

Like most child stars, Belle began in the kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit, but she made sure to expand her acting skills to many different genres by taking on supporting and minor roles in teleseryes and films.

Her hardwork and perseverance surely paid off as she’s now the leading lady of this generation’s most kilig series, He’s Into Her.

Kira Ballinger

Kira is one of the young stars that is definitely meant to be a drama actress. Her role as Lemon in the family drama Pamilya Ko may have been a minor one, but it showed her promise in playing serious and melodramatic characters.

When the hit revenge drama Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin came out, many can attest that she was perfectly casted for the role of Hope Villarosa, the daughter of Iza Calzado’s character. Despite it being a more mature role, she was able to deliver a professional-level performance.

Criza Ta-a

The dreamer in Criza wasn’t crushed at all even if she got eliminated from Pinoy Big Brother Otso. She entered with a dream and she made sure to get it. With determination and support from her slew of fans gained from PBB, Criza found her way back into show business. She made her debut as an actress by playing a supporting role on Kadenang Ginto. Now, she is reaching bigger heights with a main cast role in He’s Into Her.

Kaori Oinuma

When Kaori placed as a finalist in her batch during PBB Otso, we knew we could expect lots of great things from her. She has a knack for adding personality and charm to everything she does, leading her as a prime option as an actress for various roles. This Filipino-Japanese actress has been impressing viewers with her performances in Parasite Island, Home Sweetie Home Extra Sweet, and the just recently released He’s Into Her.

Alyanna Angeles

Alyanna may have eased her way into show business by taking on supporting roles in shows like Maria La Del Barrio,  Ikaw Lamang,  and The Story Of Us, but she is now more than ready to emerge from her shell and let us see the star she is meant to be. She certainly proves this with her magnificent playing of Sofia in Huwag Kang Mangamba.

Karina Bautista

Lots of us were sure that Karina could make it to the finals in PBB Otso, but after she was evicted from the “Ultim8 Batch,” we just had to wait for her comeback to the big screen. She didn’t keep us waiting long because in the same year, she already got a small role in Sandugo. From there, she continuously took on more projects that caught the eye of the talent management Star Magic. During the recent Black Pen Day  event, Karina officially signed on as one of Star Magic’s artists.

Vivoree Esclito

Since PBB Lucky 7, we already knew Vivoree is a girl of many, many talents. Even if this “Go Getter Girl Ng Bohol" didn’t get the title of Big Winner, she grabbed every opportunity that came her way after the season.

Immediately, she was busy playing roles on Asintado, Since I Found You, and The Killer Bride. She was also able to showcase her prized talent for singing and dancing when she was chosen as a celebrity contestant on the third season of Your Face Sounds Familiar. Now she is juggling all these artistic gifts of hers by playing the role of Ysay on He’s Into Her and being a resident performer on ASAP Natin ‘To.

Ashley Del Mundo

Being hailed as a Batch 3 Big Winner in PBB Otso and as a finalist part of the “Ultim8 Batch” of the season signaled that Ashley is destined for big things. As her first venture into acting, she was already able to land a main cast role as Khloe in He’s Into Her. The show may just be a few episodes in, but many already see massive potential in her. It’s no surprise that she is one of the stars that signed with Star Magic during the Black Pen Day event.

There are tons of projects laid out for these Kapamilya actresses. Stay tuned and follow along their inspiring journey to the top!