PBB Adult Big Winners Kapamilya Snaps

Kapamilya reality show Pinoy Big Brother has been granting dreamers life-changing opportunities for 16 years already. Soon, we’ll be able to see another installment of housemates’ inspiring journeys. 

For now, let’s look back on some iconic adult Big Winners in this Kapamilya Snaps video!

Nene Tamayo

Way back in 2005, we witnessed Nene be crowned as the Big Winner in Kuya’s house. As “Kumander Nene,” her amazing leadership skills showed us she deserved the title no matter what. Plus, her contagious and thrilling energy as the house’s “Nenegizer” made us and her fellow housemates love her more. 

Keanna Reeves

The following year, the first Celebrity Edition of PBB was a season that thousands nationwide excitedly watched. Actress and comedienne Keanna’s wit and charm stole everyone’s hearts throughout her stay. Her kind and understanding personality truly shined as well when close friend Rustom Padilla came out as gay. 

Bea Saw

We witness different sides of people in the PBB house. During the second season, Bea’s motherly instincts led her to be nicknamed as “Mommy Bea” of the house. But even if she is warm and caring most of the time, she is not afraid to stand her ground. During an argument with Maricris Dizon, everyone could not forget what she said: “Alam mo ‘yang respeto? Hindi ‘yan ini-impose, ini-earn ‘yan!” That strong personality of hers made her to be a force to be reckoned with on the reality show. 

Ruben Gonzaga

During the second Celebrity Edition in 2007, actor and comedian Ruben made history as the first male winner of PBB. Known for his “Budotz Dance” and stand-up jokes as a member of the Joke Squad, Ruben’s natural humor always made the audience smile and laugh out loud, so much so that it pushed him to the championship. 

Melai Cantiveros

PBB’s Double Up season in 2009 produced one of the most showbiz-successful Big Winners. Before being a momshie host on Magandang Buhay, Melai was a bubbly girl from General Santos City with big dreams when she entered PBB. From the get go, she could instantly make you want to be her friend. More than that, her quirky jokes and expressions “char” and “over over” made everyone love her more, immediately showing her as the fan-favorite until the finals. After leaving the PBB house, her amazing knack to capture the audience’s attention made her into the remarkable actress and host she is now. 

Slater Young

2011’s Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited put the young hardworking Slater on the map. His charm may have gotten him a second look from the crowd, but his drive and ambition made everyone see him as a truly deserving Big Winner. After his stint on the reality show, he went on to explore a career in acting but eventually found that his passion lies in his first profession which was in engineering. 

Daniel Matsunaga

PBB All In was an iconic season that put together celebs, adults, and teens in one house. The unique mix of people made it hard to see who could be the winner of the season, but Brazilian-Japanese actor-model Daniel Matsunaga emerged victorious. Being one of the most reliable and charismatic housemates surely played a big role in his win.  

Miho Nishida

Miho being the Big Winner of PBB 737 was a pleasant surprise to everyone. Since she grew up most of her life in Japan, it was difficult for her to communicate in English or Tagalog with other housemates. Regardless, this did not stop her from getting to know and having fun with them. Viewers admired her positivity and bright personality and supported her until she won in the end. 

Yamyam Gucong

PBB Otso was a wild ride with the twist of having Star Dreamers as wildcard contestants. It had 58 official housemates and 71 contestants overall. This large competition really tested all the housemates and pushed them to fight for their dreams. Despite the tough competition, Yamyam found himself as both the Batch 2 Big Winner and the Ultim8 Big Winner for the entire season. No matter the task Kuya would throw, Yamyam was always ready to take it on, like he would in his real life challenges. 

Liofer Pinatacan

Last year’s PBB Connect will remain to be a memorable season because it was the first one to be held during the coronavirus pandemic. All of the season’s contestants brightened such trying times with some good fun and stories of hope. However, it was Liofer’s journey and hard work that thousands idolized, making him bag the title of Big Winner.   

Do you wanna follow in their steps and reach for your dreams in the Big Brother House?