Kapamilya Snaps: 10 heartthrobs who are still dashing in wacky poses

Like their female counterparts, a lot of male celebrities also get conscious with how they look, especially when they’re in front of the camera. However, as much as they try their best to appear cool and debonair at all times, they are also game to have fun!

And in this Kapamilya Snaps feature, let’s see how 10 of our beloved heartthrobs are still able to win our hearts even with their quirky poses.

Daniel Padilla

May it be in real life or on-screen, Daniel indeed never fails to make the butterflies in our stomachs aflutter just with his presence. While we usually see him straight-faced, there are instances when he bursts into laughter or makes funny faces, especially when he’s with girlfriend and 2 Good 2 Be True leading lady Kathryn Bernardo

Donny Pangilinan

He may be one of the newest and hottest Kapamilya leading men in the country at present, but Donny doesn’t mind pulling silly faces, as seen in some of his posts on Instagram. Whether he appears quirky or unshaven, the He’s Into Her lead actor is definitely still charming.

James Reid

His schedule may have been packed in the recent years as he has to juggle his being a singer, songwriter, actor, and record label owner, but James never forgets to have fun with his friends, loved ones, colleagues, and other people he meets along the way as he works on breaking into the international entertainment scene. And whenever he’s not with anyone, James seemingly loves to make fun of himself.

Albie Casiño

Aside from making us with his good looks and fit physique, Albie also knows how to tickle us with his innate sense of humor, which he usually does through his posts on IG.

After winning in the “Mr. Q & A” Celebrity Edition of It’s Showtime in 2019, he celebrated it by uploading a wacky shot of himself while carrying his trophy and captioned it: “Wala daw mararating kung puro palusot eh pano yan! Nanalo ako sa Mr. Q & A #palusotpamore #HariNgPalusot”. On top of his funny photos, it’s his witty captions that win us over.

Enchong Dee

He’s been in the industry for over a decade now and, apparently, Enchong is completely enjoying his incredible journey. This world may get hectic and demanding sometimes, but knowing how to have fun and relax in-between takes and whenever he’s not work has indeed helped him get through everything. Thus, it’s not surprising why he seems to be energized every time he performs on ASAP Natin ‘To.

Jake Ejercito

Similar to his character Seb in A Family Affair, Jake is perceived to be serious person. But off-cam, we’re able to prove that it isn’t true, for we have caught him in quirky moments a lot of times through his on-screen appearances and posts on the ‘Gram.

Those usually happen whenever he is with his daughter Ellie and he is being a doting and cool dad. Whenever they’re together, the father-daughter tandem never fails to unleash their inner kulit – may it be through their shenanigans during their travels, playing dress up in costumes, and playing different games.

Kyle Echarri

He may be at the point of his life wherein various changes are going on in his body, life, and career as he transitions from being a teenager to becoming a full-fledged adult, his personality, however, seems to have stayed the same. His schedule may get pretty hectic as he juggles his ASAP Natin ‘To gig with his personal endeavors, but the multi-faceted artist makes sure to still play and enjoy his youth!

Jake Cuenca

Amid the slew of sexy and cool photos of himself on his IG account showing his well-chiseled bod and debonair splendor, Jake also squeezes in a few photos of him being playful behind the scenes of the projects he does or whenever he’s not at work. He even shared a hilarious off-cam moment with his co-actors Gian Magdangal and Joshua Garcia in Viral Scandal.

Zanjoe Marudo

Being one of the sought-after Kapamilya leading men, Zanjoe has played a number of serious roles both on TV and film, such as in the controversial family drama The Broken Marriage Vow. But in real life, he’s actually a free spirit and a funny guy who loves to have fun and even poke fun at himself. Well, his being cast in comedy shows “Aalog-alog” (2006), “Parekoy” (2009), and Banana Sundae enabled him to display his comedic facet.

Enrique Gil

For sure, many of us have been missing Enrique ever since he began his hiatus. And while we’re waiting for his return, we could go over his Instagram for now and browse through his photos showing his handsomeness and adorable, wacky shots.

These Kapamilya heartthrobs only reminds us that amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, we must never forget to have fun with ourselves or the people around us, and just enjoy life. Remember, we only pass through this world once!