Kapamilya Snaps: 10 celebrities who grew up being an only child

Being an only child or having no siblings isn’t as lonely as some may assume. They can learn to be imaginative and creative on their own and enjoy making tons of friends along the way. The celebrities in this Kapamilya Snaps video sure did.

Watch this video to know 10 Kapamilyas who grew up as an only child!

Kit Thompson

The dashing La Vida Lena actor Kit Thompson may not have any brothers or sisters, but he spent a lot of time with his father watching the movies of Hollywood star James Dean. Now we know why he’s the amazing actor he is today!

Since he tried his luck to bag the Big Winner name on Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4, Kit has only been going up in his acting career with his roles on Forevermore, Dolce Amore, Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa and Pamilya Ko.

Alyanna Angeles

Alyanna is blessed to have inspiring actress Angel Locsin as her tita. Growing up with a dream to be a star, she had Angel as a great role model and supporter by her side.

Even when she was a child, she was able to become a promising child star with her roles on Maria La Del Barrio in 2011 and Ikaw Lamang in 2014. Now, she is ready to get back in the limelight and is proving her talent as part of primetime series Huwag Kang Mangamba.

Kira Balinger

Kira still had a lot of fun as an only child because she spent most of her time travelling with family and learning many things. Aside from growing up in the U.K. and moving to the Philippines after a while, she learned a lot of skills that make up the talented star we know her to be. She learned ballet, gymnastics, and painting. She’s also musically gifted so she had lessons in singing and playing guitar.

Today, she’s honing her acting skills and appearing in the top-rated teleseryes The Story of Us, Pamilya Ko, and Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin. Her performances are applauded by many, some even namin her as one of the next big drama actresses of the country.

Criza Taa

Not having siblings may be in Criza’s favor because she can easily be her grandmother Wilma’s favorite! Since she was young, she grew up under her grandma’s care and Criza loves her very much because of it.

We now know why she entered Pinoy Big Brother Otso as “Apo of the Eye Ng Quezon City”. Despite not reaching the finals of the reality show, she still pursued the acting career she’s dreamed of. After her successful portrayal of a minor role in trending afternoon drama Kadenang Ginto, she was able to land the starring role of Naih in the hit romantic series He’s Into Her.

Jana Agoncillo

Because she’s an only child, Ningning star Jana Agoncillo is super close with her parents. So much so that in a Magandang Buhay interview, she wished that her parents can live long lives so they can be together until she’s 50 years old.

Her young age now doesn’t stop her from having more big dreams such as being a rising star. Her other roles on Dream Dad and Starla are just the beginning of her budding talent.

Elisse Joson

Elisse and her mom only had each other growing up. They went through a lot including moving to the US from their simple life in Bataan, then having to move back to the Philippines after five years. Despite these, she had a constant love for acting, singing, and the arts.

When the opportunity arrived to enter the entertainment industry, she grabbed it. After a handful of minor roles, she started gaining recognition for her acting prowess and was given bigger roles in Sandugo, Ngayon At Kailanman, and The Good Son.

Jayda Avanzado

Being the only daughter of OPM royalties Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado may seem like a lot of pressure for Jayda. But this girl is a mighty powerful singer like her parents and she’s unafraid to venture into the spotlight.

Just recently, she performed her latest single “M.U. (Malabong Usapan)” on the country’s longest-running variety show. She’s has a lot more projects in store that we have yet to find out, but we do know that she's surely going to be a huge OPM star. 

Juliana Gomez

The daughter of celebrity and politician parents Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez is an only child and she loves it! Lucy once shared that her Julianna even preferred to have a dog instead of a younger sibling.

It’s probably no surprise because she’s living her best life. She’s focused on studying Public Administration at University of the Philippines and practicing competitive fencing, a sport that she and her dad Richard both love.

Iñigo Pascual

If Piolo Pascual’s son Iñigo had a brother or sister, we may not be able to take it. Iñigo already has it all: good looks, talent, and passion. While he followed in his father’s footsteps to get into the acting scene, Iñigo fell in love with music.

After one of his biggest hits, “Dahil Sa ’Yo”, he’s been spending more time crafting his music and pursuing an international career. He’s steadily stepping up to be a global pop sensation with his collaborations and musical projects.

Ian Veneracion

Veteran actor Ian Veneracion is a father of three wonderful children so even if he grew up as an only child, he still found playmates in his kids. Even if they are all grown up, they constantly spend time with each other, usually biking around.

When he’s not doing that, we all know where he is 一 most probably being a leading man on the next teleserye. As a skilled and seasoned actor, Ian is well-known for his performances on Make It With You, A Love To Last, Pangako Sa ’Yo, and Got To Believe.

The journeys of these celebrities growing up were certainly colorful even if they didn’t have siblings. Did you know they were an only child?