Kapamilya Slam Book: Maja, Shaina, Janella and JM’s answers to “What is love?”

What is love? This is probably one of life’s hardest questions. There are countless love stories and songs out there that can help us understand this feeling. Yet, the answer remains vague at best. If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it is that there is no one exact definition. So, in this compilation of Kapamilya Slam Book entries, Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com gathered the best answers from your favorite Kapamilya celebrities!

Kung sinasabi nila happiness is a choice. I think love is a choice,” Maja Salvador started off. Indeed, although we cannot fully comprehend love, we can at least choose who to love. The actress must truly believe this since her relationship with Rambo Nuñez initially ended back in 2010 before being picked up again just last year.

Her The Killer Bride co-star Janella Salvador agrees that love involves making a choice. “Love is a decision that you make every day,” the young singer continued. Most fantasies about this feeling are based on movies or television shows. But in real life, there is no director that will yell “cut”. The story keeps going, until eventually the initial spark that brought two people together fades away. In that case, a person has to decide whether to keep loving someone or to let go.

When she was younger, Shaina Magdayao would respond to this with a cliché quote like “love is blind”. The more matured Shaina, however, understands that there can be many valid answers to this question. At the end of the day, for whatever reason, it is simply a feeling that we all need.

“It’s a feeling that you give and receive,” JM de Guzman added. Usually we think of love as something that is shared between a couple. Hence, every year the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. But, even when you are single, you can give and receive love from a friend and a relative.

Whose answer is closest to your own definition of love?