Kapamilya React: Viewers delighted, touched by ABS-CBN 2020 Christmas ID “Ikaw Ang Liwanag At Ligaya”

“Very inspiring, very heartwarming, very touching.”

This was what one of the netizens had commented as she imparted her reaction on this year’s ABS-CBN Christmas ID “Ikaw Ang Liwanag At Ligaya” in the latest episode of Kapamilya React.

Everyone who’s already seen both the lyric video and music video apparently share the same sentiment based on the thousands of tweets accumulated by the hashtag #IkawAngLiwanagAtLigaya as soon as they were released last November 27 and December 1, respectively – making it among the top trending topics in the Philippines and worldwide with over 12.5 million combined views on Facebook and YouTube.

ABS-CBN Christmas ID 2020: “Ikaw Ang Liwanag At Ligaya” draws praises, rave reactions from netizens

Just on the opening sequence of the music video, the netizens involved in this Kapamilya React episode disclosed how it immediately gave them goosebumps and pierced their hearts.

One of them regarded how ABS-CBN was still able to continue their annual tradition of mounting a Christmas ID this year despite the terrible circumstances it’s been facing that limited its resources and reach, as well as how it has stayed committed in being of service to the Filipino people worldwide through various ways. She added that it definitely serves as a “breath of fresh air” and gives a “sense of normalcy” as we currently live in a “new normal” setting because of the pandemic.

The “Ikaw Ang Ligaya At Liwanag” Christmas ID also made some of our netizens teary-eyed upon watching the heartwarming stories of our Kapamilyas who were affected by the terrible circumstances we have confronted this fateful year, as well as those who are still able to give light and joy to their families and other people in spite of being challenged at the same time.

Just like many of us, they also hail the portion where the Kapamilya singers sang “liwanag” at “ligaya” in various Philippine dialects and languages as their most favorite part as it represents diversity and how every province, region, and country is placed in woeful situations because of the pandemic and other challenges. The short prayer in the middle of the music video tugged their heartstrings, too!

Moreover, they gushed over the appearances of their favorite Kapamilya stars, as well as in the highly talked about the momentous entrance of ABS-CBN top executives Carlo L. Katigbak (president and CEO), Mark L. Lopez (chairman), and Cory V. Vidanes (chief operating officer) along with some of the biggest artists of the network.

One of the viewers also related her impressive interpretation of that whimsical moment when the stars and executives hung the small lanterns they were holding onto the huge Christmas tree one-by-one and seemed to be uttering a short of prayer to God before doing so.

In the end, they thanked ABS-CBN for not failing to give them hope and happiness amidst these trying times and for reminding them anew to stay optimistic, strong, and faithful despite the challenges that life would throw at us.

They all agreed that nothing would really beat the Kapamilya network when it comes to showing and spreading the genuine Christmas spirit through its annual SIDs!