Kapamilya power tandems kilig moments on interviews

What sets apart KathNiel, LizQuen, MayWard, and JaDine love teams from the rest? They can make us feel the kilig in real life too! These moments on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Magandang Buhay, and Gandang Gabi Vice are only some of the instances when they made our hearts skip a beat.



During their Got to Believe days, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla treated fans and Vice Ganda with a duet of “Got to Believe”. This rendition is memorable just because it is by KathNiel. When Boy Abunda created a hypothetical end of the world scenario, Daniel revealed that he will marry Kathryn right away. “Sayang oras,” he added.



On Magandang Buhay, Enrique Gil recounted the time he pranked Liza Soberano at 12 midnight over the phone. It was early on in their friendship and she did not know his number yet. She got mad but quickly forgave him after he revealed his identity. It was even cuter, however, when LizQuen just confessed their feelings on GGV. Enrique asked her, “Mahal mo ba ako?” Liza’s responded with a slight but obvious nod.



The On the Wings of Love tandem will always have a place in our hearts. James Reid wrote a beautiful song for Nadine Lustre on their first monthsarry. It was titled “Forever”. In another interview, their smooch on national television was better than any verbal declaration of love. Nadine revealed on TWBA that James’ kisses are 10/10.



Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber’s love team may be one of the youngest, but the former Pinoy Big Brother housemates are just as effective in making us feel the kilig. Maymay stated on GGV that any woman who meets Edward will instantly have a crush on him, including her. She also declared to the momshies, “Ipagawa mo na lahat kay Edward, ‘wag lang siya lumayo sa akin.” In turn, he gifted her with a camera charm in honor of MayWard’s first movie together, “Loving in Tandem.” Edward had to ask his father to buy this charm in Dubai because it was hard to find locally.

Which confession from these power love teams was your favorite?