Kapamilya Confessions: Ogie takes on First & Last Challenge, answers netizen questions as Eydie Waw

OPM music icon and lovable comedian Ogie Alcasid appeared as his fun alter ego “Eydie Waw” on Kapamilya Confessions, answering questions from netizens and shared his “journey” in music.

In the First and Last Challenge, Eydie revealed that the song that he first learned and sang perfectly was “Bahay Kubo.” He then shared his first embarrassing moment—an “epic fail” when he did not follow instructions in drinking his coffee. Eydie was also asked the first thing he notices in a person and said it’s his or her smile because it brings good energy. Eydie then bared the last time he said “I love you,” saying it was in the early morning of the same day of the Kapamilya Confessions episode. He would then last reveal the last person he was thinking—his “crush,” Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

Answering a netizen question on what would be doing if he weren’t an entertainer, Eydie said he thinks he is really born to be a performer—he just loves to sing, dance, and entertain people.

He was also asked about his relatives and Eydie shared that both his parents, Daddy Waw and Mommy Waw, are also singers although they are not in the professional arena.

Eydie then shared that when he knew that Regine, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and Kim Chiu were going to be his backup singers, he really couldn’t believe it and he’s very thankful to them. Eydie was also asked if he has upcoming songs and he shared that he has another one which is titled “Bakit Ako Pandak?” He also mentioned that his upcoming series, “Eydie Waw and The Wawettes” will soon appear on Instagram stories. As for the story behind the conceptualization of “Maga Ako, Manas Ako,” Eydie said that it’s actually based on his personal experience of waking up at midnight and choosing to eat. A netizen also asked him if Nate, the son of his idol Ogie Alcasid, also liked his song, Eydie said maybe he did like it. Speaking of his idol Ogie, Eydie was asked if he was taught by Ogie some music tips, and he answered that he has actually never met him but he would love to be able to do so.

On the most difficult challenge while performing, Eydie shared that it is when he feels the need to pee, or, worse, do the ‘Number 2.” Regarding the advice he could offer aspiring singers, Eydie said they should practice singing everyday. He was then asked what could hurt him more – his loved one leaving him or to sing out of tune. He said that the latter isn’t really hurtful because it normally happens when you are sometimes not in a very good condition. Another netizen asked what song he could offer to people who were left by their loved ones. And Eydie sang “Mahal Kita Walang Iba” by his idol Ogie. When asked what advice he could give to people so they can be confident, Eydie said that they just need to practice and practice. He sang another song by his idol titled “’Di Ka Pababayaan’ which he offered to his fans. Lastly, when asked about his most favorite among the Wawettes, Eydie said that Tracy, Shanon, and Berta are equally kind so he really doesn’t have his favorite.

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