Kapamilya Confessions: Charlie shares love for food and lip tint, Jameson reveals fondness for video games in this challenge

Charlie Dizon and Jameson Blake delighted their fans when they virtually appeared together in ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Kapamilya Confessions.

But prior to answering the questions sent in by netizens, the two enthusiastically took on first the Complete The Sentence Challenge. As the name itself suggests, they had to supply their own responses in order to complete the statements given to them.

For “I spend too much money on…”, many could surely relate with both of them as Charlie said “food”, while it’s “game skins” for Jameson. He further proved how a videogame enthusiast he really is since it’s what he filled in the unfinished sentences “Everyone who knows me, knows I love…” and “I love…because…”.

According to him, he loves playing videogames as it keeps him stress-free. On the other hand, she replied “lip tint” and “Korean dramas because it makes her happy” for the said statements.

They both answered “family” in “Life is complete without…” and almost had the same responses on “If I were to have a superpower, it would be…” as they both wanted “teleportation”. But Jameson added that he would also like to possess “invisibility” and “immortality”.

To those who are wondering what jobs they also prefer apart from being artists, Jameson and Charlie disclosed their other preferences through their replies in “If I am not an artist, my profession would be…because…”

It would be “human resource manager” for her since it was the course she took up in college, while it’s “computer programmer” for him since it’s his line of interest and he feels that he would excel in that field.

When it comes to “I cried the last time because…”, Charlie said that it was for a certain scene, while Jameson imparted that it was due to the recent death of someone close to their family. Meanwhile, for “I feel most comfortable in…” she uttered in “pantulog clothes,” while it’s “in my room” for him.

They also gamely responded to the tricky statements “I want to put my…to your…” and “you can touch my…but not my…”, to which they had a difficult time in coming up with answers.

Jameson and Charlie also impressed and amused us with their answers to the queries of their fans and Kapamilya netizens – ranging from their personal bond up to random questions and common love and life issues.

Find out what these talented stars talked about and imparted to the viewers by clicking on this video!