Kapamilya Chat Anji Match It Challenge

Was there a time when your intuition scared you because of how accurate it can be? That’s how exactly Anji Salvacion felt during the “Match It Challenge” on Kapamilya Chat.

The challenge was simple but tricky at the same time – match the arrangement of one set of fruits with their counterparts hidden in a mystery box. Every mistake corresponds to a question.

After feeling the vibe of the objects, Anji was ‘shookt’ when she managed to correctly arrange them on her first attempt in the first round.

The next round would’ve been correct as well if only she listened to the first thought that came to her mind. As a consequence, she picked a question about the person she has met for the first time but felt like she’s known forever.

Meanwhile, she was trembled with disbelief when she once again got it right in the third round. “Nakakatakot ‘to! Feeling ko may bumubulong sa akin,” she exclaimed. Even though she got it right, but for the sake of making her fans happy, she still picked a question from the set of cards. She got a question about the funniest person she’s ever met, who is none other than Ja from Star Music.

Play the video and watch the Linlang: The Teleserye Version star slay the challenge!