Kapamilya Chat: Tan Roncal and Aljon Mendoza get the latest on Gino Roque

Chasing dreams look more inspiring and fun in the newest virtual hangout place, Starkada Tambayan. It’s an online reality game show that features your favorite love teams and Star Dreamers Ashley Del Mundo, Tan Roncal, Karina Bautista, Aljon Mendoza, Criza Taa, and RJ Perkins.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat: Level Up, Tan and Aljon represent the whole gang to talk more about the show.

On weekdays, the bunch takes on exciting challenges by pairs on Starkada Tambayan. By the end of the week, on Starkada Battle, the whole barkada will get together and compete in a different game where only one could emerge as the winner while the rest would receive a punishment that spells good vibes.

The team challenge happens on KUMU while you have to watch out for the level-up battle with the whole gang every Friday at 6 PM on ABS-CBN Star Hunt YouTube Channel. Fans can also get the chance to join in the fun challenges!


Gino Roque for “Beauty and the Boss”

Gino Roque is a real-life boss, even before he entered the Pinoy Big Brother house and showbiz altogether in 2019. He works as the CEO of a popular athletic clothing brand.

His business, of course, was affected by the pandemic. Yet, Gino managed to ride along with the new wave of digital commerce. While he is busy with his life as an entrepreneur, he still finds time to keep active and take on showbiz commitments.

Gino turns real life into a feel-good rom-com as he topbills the digital series “Beauty and the Boss” with Kapamilya sweetheart Elisse Joson. As the title suggests, he plays a businessman, Rafa, meeting a girl who will spice up his monotonous life.

Rafa lives in a boring world where he has no friends besides his employees. He falls for his newest café waitress Stella, played by Elisse, who would eventually decide to leave. With only a few weeks left before she’s gone, Rafa is confronted by love dilemmas he never experienced before.

Unlike most series that highlights the girl’s perspective in the narrative, “Beauty and the Boss” puts the spotlight on the leading man.

A young entrepreneur himself, Gino wants to defy the assumptions about business-oriented men like him. “We want to show a different light sa mga businessmen. We want to make it a little bit more real, ‘yung tunay ano ba ‘yung actually happens. Kasi I’ve been in the business for ten years, so alam ko what happens and I want to put that in the series,” he said.

While he has a lot of traits that align with Rafa’s, Gino still encountered challenges in this project where he plays as an actor and a producer. Thankfully, he and the team picked the right leading lady. Calling Elisse “amazing” and “one of the prettiest in the Philippines,” Gino said he learned a lot from her while doing the series although he was intimidated at first.

He and the production team expected Elisse to be so strict and demanding on the set, considering that she’s able to build a name for herself. But it turned out that she’s very down to earth and adaptive. Gino would even ask for her creative input.

As one of the producers of the series, Gino had to review a long list of “new normal” taping protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. They decided to book an entire resort, turn it into a café and other locations, and shoot all scenes in there. The taping came out really fun as they also got to bond inside that “bubble” which lasted for more than a week.

Be ready to laugh, cry, and feel the love with “Beauty and the Boss,” every Friday at 8 PM on iFlix.