Kapamilya Chat: Joao Constancia and Markus Paterson prove strong brotherhood in a prank call

“Anything for you, Bro!” Apart from their swoon-worthy tracks and moves, the boys of Pinoy Boyband Superstar are admired for their strong brotherhood. The genuine friendship extends even to those who didn’t make it to the winning ensemble that makes up BoybandPH.

During the promo for his BL movie My Lockdown Romance,” Joao Constancia was supposed to prank call his fellow BoyBandPH member Tristan Ramirez but the latter dropped the call. He assumed that Tristan was in the middle of work, so he looked for a new victim, and he found one in Markus Paterson.

Markus was also a Pinoy Boyband Superstar contender but was eliminated in the latter part of the contest. Although he didn’t make it to the end, he still managed to carve his own spot in showbiz and be really good friends with the other contestants, like Joao.

Joao pretended to go through a slight financial problem. He said he ran out of budget for the bills and food for the whole week, so he needs to borrow at least 10,000 pesos. Joao didn’t have a hard time convincing Markus, who told him that he’s willing to do anything for him.

When Markus asked for Joao’s bank account details for the transfer, the latter said it’s P-R-A-N-K!

By the end of the call, Joao further mentioned that Markus has always been a true, reliable friend to all of them. Jameson Blake, his co-star in My Lockdown Romance” would vouch for Markus’ selflessness as well.

Check out the video for the prank call that revealed Joao and Markus’ touching, admirable friendship!