VALENTINE’S DAY 2021: Kapamilya celebrities share what love has taught them

Loving someone is certainly not just about being jovial and blissful. It is also about heartbreaks, frustrations, and setbacks. Yet amid all the delight and despair, we find out that the more we love, the more we learn. These lessons in love not only make us wiser and stronger in handling the affairs of the heart, but also become better versions of ourselves. In this video, let’s watch our favorite Kapamilya stars telling us all what love has taught them.

ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay KZ Tandingan shared that she learned that genuine love starts by loving yourself first. With this, you can easily share that kind of love to others as well, she emphasized. Idol Philippines Season 1 grand winner Zephanie Dimaranan said love taught her to be forgiving. When you forgive, she said, means you truly love a person. Meanwhile, Jeremy Glinoga said he learned how love should be unconditional, which means prioritizing others’ needs before yours.

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin star Kira Balinger said that love has taught her how to be patient, how to compromise and sacrifice. It’s also same with co-star Joseph Marco, who said that being in love made him make sacrifices.

For Walang Hanggang Paalam actress Arci Muñoz, her lessons in love can be summed up in a line from a popular song “too much love could eventually kill you.” Based from her own experience, Arci said that when she loves, she gives more than a hundred percent of what she can offer to the point that she forgets to leave some for herself. “Hoy, I Love You” actor Joross Gamboa, for his part, said that love has taught him to be selfless and to put family first. On the other hand, his onscreen partner and co-star Roxanne Guinoo shared that love completes who we are as a person.

Brilliant actor Nash Aguas said he learned pain is inevitable when you love, but added that the hurt makes you realize that your love was real. His MMK “Bible” co-star Francis Magundayao said that love gave him a realization about compromise. When you love someone, he said, you must learn how to meet halfway with your partner.

Former Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemate Kiara Takahashi said that love proved to be the most important thing in this world, while fellow Bahay Ni Kuya alumna Karina Bautista said that while love is a “super nice” feeling that makes you motivated and happy, it can also hurt you so much but this experience makes keep on going. Karina’s love team partner and fellow ex-PBB housemate Aljon Mendoza stressed that when it comes to love, nothing should be forced upon you.

Actor Adrian Lindayag also shared that he has learned that love should have no boundaries and must be unconditional. “It has no gender and it is the most powerful thing in the world,” he added. PBB Otso Ultimate Big Winner Yamyam Gucong, on the other hand, said that with love, he instilled patience and inner strength.

“Hello Stranger: The Movie” main cast members JC Alcantara, Markus Paterson, Gillian Vicencio, and Migs Almendras also shared their thoughts about love. Gillian learned that when you love, you should do it well that won’t regret it. JC and Migs said that when you love others, you should also know how to love yourself. With Markus, it’s learning how to deal with pain.

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid said love taught her how to be patient and how to be more caring for others. Teen actor Bugoy Cariño shared that with love, he learned how to give his time and efforts to the people he loves. He also learned how to balance work and matters of the heart. Lastly, acclaimed singer Juris said that the most important thing she learned from love is being selfless - putting other people’s needs and wants before your own.

What have you learned from love? You will definitely relate with what our favorite Kapamilya stars shared in this Valentine’s exclusive.