Weird Fan Encounter of Kapamilya stars

While the majority of interactions between stars and their supporters involve typical photo or autograph requests, some fans display more unusual reactions. In this exclusive video from, Kapamilya artists share their weirdest, wildest, strangest fan encounters. 

Martin Nievera recounted a funny anecdote involving a young fan who attended his autograph signing session during his album launch in 1983. “She waited almost two hours – that’s how long the line was. And when she finally got in front of me to get her autograph, she goes, “Mar – “. Before she can say “Tin,” her teeth flew out. I was 19 years old, so my reflexes were like Spiderman. I didn’t know what flew out, so I caught it. And when I caught it, I realized it was her mouth, her whole upper deck. I wiped it off and gave it back to her, she put it back, and I signed her autograph.” Fast forward to 2004, the Concert King encountered the same fan at another autograph signing session, and the best news is that her smile now is intact. 

Celebrities are used to meeting some enthusiastic admirers, but one time, Jameson Blake found it pleasantly surprising that a woman burst into tears upon seeing him. “It was so genuine seeing her like that,” he smiled.

Unfortunately, some fans cross the line from admiration to obsession, exhibiting stalker-like behavior towards their favorite stars. Years ago, a fan arrived at Robi Domingo's doorstep, refusing to leave until they had a chance to see him. 

Pepe Herrera has had his fair share of encounters with female fans who attempt to steal kisses. Similarly, Kaori Oinuma found herself in a similar situation, which left her utterly surprised, as she's not particularly fond of physical touch.

During a show in Canada, Jona encountered a male fan who openly expressed his crush on her. To her surprise, the fan then took flowers from his friend and presented them to Jona, claiming he got them specially for her. “Akala niya hindi ko nakita,” she remarked. 

Shanaia Gomez finds it weird that fans get to investigate personal details about her life that she never told anyone about. Well, fans are very much committed, as shown in Edward Barber’s experience when he lived in a condo building near ABS-CBN. What was meant to be a quick walk across the street to reach his place turned out to be a lengthy ordeal, as he would be obstructed by 50 to 70 people waiting for him outside ABS-CBN after his shows. 

No two fan encounters are alike, and celebrities never know what to expect when meeting their admirers. Jeremy G was surprised when his fans shouted, “Kili-kili reveal”, as he wore tank top during one of his shows. 

BINI members Aiah, Gwen Maloi, Mikha, Colet, Jhoanna, and Sheena have their entries as well. Sometimes they find it weird to be pleasantly smiling at a fan, but only to be asked to call another member for them. There was another memorable instance when a fan handed over a photocard that she had taken from her chest. 

Despite the occasional odd interaction, celebrities remain grateful for their fans’ unwavering support which continue to inspire them. As Angela Ken puts it, “Malayo o malapit man, kahit abutin man ng madaling araw aabangan ka nila.” Besides, they feel blessed that these fans know how to respect boundaries, too. But she also would like to remind fans that celebrities are not perfect, “Minsan po pasensiya na po kasi may time na we really get tired so baka po hindi na namin kayo na-e-entertain o nabibigyan ng fan service na deserve n’yo.