If Kapamilya stars were Santa Claus

Imagine you are Santa Claus –  donning the iconic red suit, riding a sleigh through the starry sky, and having the power to makes wishes come true. If you could step into the boots of Santa Claus for a day, and the power to fulfil wishes would be in your hands, whose wish would you choose to grant?

We at ent.abs-cbn.com asked Kapamilya stars this question and here are their answers!

At the top of the list, there are children with twinkling eyes dreaming of something special. Whether its a toy or healing, love, or joy, fulfilling the wishes of a child embodies the true spirit of Christmas. Mutya Orquia, Elha Nympha, Ashton Salvador, Analain Salvador, and Trina Legaspi would choose to make the wishes of kids a reality, specifically those living in the streets and orphanages. Kids would also be the first people to get their wishes from Ina Raymundo, Kyle Echarri, Zaijian Jaranilla, Nyoy Volante, Gillian Vicencio, and Desiree del Valle should these celebrities become Santa Claus for a day.

Speaking of kids, Vina Morales knows the nicest one, who is none other than her daughter Ceana, whose wish she would definitely make come true if she were Santa.

Jay Gonzaga’s focus would be kids with cancer. Others would choose the senior citizens who long for warmth, companionship, and a comfortable life – they’d be the priorities of Long Mejia.

As a way of giving back, the likes of Karina Bautista, Shanaia Gomez, Negi, Lassy, Bianca de Vera, Klarisse de Guzman, Vicoree Esclito, AC Bonifacio, Jameson Blake, Jhai Ho, Gello Marquez, and Jason Dy would grant their parents and grandparents’ wishes.

For Elmo Magalona, his first wishes to grant would belong to his two younger siblings Arkin and Clara. The same goes for Maika Rivera who wants to make her younger sister, Melissa, happy through wish-fulfilment.

If she could step into Santa’s shoes, Chie’s mission would be to give shelter to stray animals. Carla Guevara Laforteza would give houses and a comfortable life to the homeless.

In a world marred by chaos and strife, Angel Aquino would grant her own wish, which is for peace.

Aljon Mendoza’s focus if he were Santa Claus is on fulfilling the wishes of the sick, as he believes this would give them renewed hope. Melai Cantiveros and Darren Espanto would likewise dedicate themselves to granting the desires of those battling illness. Sky Quizon and Elijah Canlas couldn’t think of specific people, but they would like to  spread joy to anybody who has an intense wish.