Kakai Bautista room tour

Kakai Bautista’s room exudes colors that reflect her happy, fun-loving personality. Watch her room tour in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

We begin with her bed, adorned with fairy lights. Kakai has an adorable penchant for pillows. She has a total of five on her bed. She has a super cute watermelon pillow gifted by her “Four Sisters Before the Wedding” co-star Charlie Dizon. They call the pillow ‘refreshment’ and it has a story only the two of them know.

She also has a neck pillow and she brought her late Lola’s pillow from Laguna so she’d feel her comforting presence.

Kakai places her bags on her bed so it’d be easier to grab in case of emergency. It seems like her bed is a busy place. That’s also where she sets up her camera and lights for streaming. On the base is a small massage equipment.

Her side table holds her beauty products and other essentials. She showed a small Buddha figurine - her lucky charm.

On her wall is a small board where she writes down her favorite quotes. On that day, Kakai wrote “Someday starts today.” She also showed her collection of books, notebooks, planners, dried flowers, hats, and –Titas could relate – bottles of ointment.

Kakai went on to share her vanity area, moving towards her bag collection. The singer-comedienne is not an impulsive buyer. She thinks twice and makes sure her utility bills and other priorities are settled before buying a new bag, which are mostly pre-loved.

Kakai shared her perfume collection and a hack to maintain their fragrance. She said perfumes must be sprayed once in a while because they may start smelling different when not in use.