Kaila Estrada Reacts Linlang CBML

Kaila Estrada, hailed as one of today's most remarkable actresses, has been lauded by audiences and netizens alike for her captivating performances. From her roles in "Linlang: The Teleserye Version" to "Can’t Buy Me Love," she has stirred intense emotions among viewers, thanks to her talent, natural acting prowess, and beauty.

Remember her trending confrontation with Kim Chiu in "Linlang: The Teleserye Version" which felt like a cathartic experience to the viewers? Or her passionate kiss with Rafael Rosell in “Can’t Buy Me Love”? These are only two among many that sparked huge reactions from the audience.

But what if she were the one watching her own scenes? How would she react? In this edition of Kapamilya React, Kaila had a mix of fun and serious moments while re-watching her most viral clips from the mentioned series, and then took us behind the scenes through her stories.

She first went through her most talked-about acting highlights in "Linlang: The Teleserye Version," beginning with her face-off with Maricel Soriano in which the latter’s character, the ‘enabler’ mom, Amelia, gaslights Sylvia (Kaila) for considering leaving her marriage due to Alex's infidelity. Amelia shifts the blame onto Sylvia, insinuating that Alex's affair may stem from Sylvia's perceived shortcomings, thus portraying her son as the victim.

Kaila admits to feeling nervous yet honored to share the screen with the Diamond Star. Reflecting on the scene, she recalls feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement, especially given the opportunity to act alongside the esteemed actress. Despite their close relationship off-camera, Kaila was challenged to portray anger towards such a seasoned actress. However, Maricel's supportive and reassuring demeanor helped ease her apprehension. She fondly remembers Maricel's encouraging words, “Sabi niya sa akin, 'Kahit anong kailangan mong gawin, gawin mo lang. Huwag kang matakot sa akin. Huwag kang matakot na itulak ako. Huwag kang kabahan, huwag kang ma-intimidate. Ako lang ‘to'.”

Moving on, she revisited her harrowing death scene from "Linlang: The Teleserye Version," where her character, caught in a heated argument with her on-screen husband JM, who plays Alex, is tragically pushed over the house's balcony. Kaila described it as "grabe" or intense, “Grabe ‘yung eksena na ‘yun! Madugo! Nakakapagod kasi, siyempre, choreographed ‘yun lahat, pero maganda ‘yung result,” she
commented. She also thanked her stunt double for helping bring that scene to life.

When asked about her preparation for her 'death' in "Linlang: The Teleserye Version,"  Kaila explained that she focused on memorizing her lines and maintaining tension to ensure continuity throughout the sequence. Consistency was crucial since the entire chunk of the scene was not shot in one day.

Certainly, we can't overlook the highly talked-about confrontation between Kaila and Kim Chiu, who plays the mistress Juliana. Here, the legitimate wife, Sylvia, unleashed her fury towards her husband’s other woman. She was caught chuckling while watching the clip, noting how the scene's intensity resulted in her hair being tousled.

Kaila revealed that the presence of Maricel, who was watching the take, added an extra layer of pressure. However, she expressed satisfaction with both the outcome of the scene and the audience's response. She also extended gratitude to her co-star, Kim, for her generosity and collaboration throughout the filming process.

She mentioned that the director told them to go all out to avoid retakes, thus they nailed it on the first try. However, they did need a few extra shots to capture all the little details.

Now onto her scenes in “Can’t Buy Me Love.” She had funny reactions watching the part where her character, Bettina, boldly went for a passionate kiss with Rafael’s character, Sherwin. She was peeking through her fingers and then burst out saying, “Hindi ko kayang panoorin!”

She shared several intense moments with Rafael, but off-camera, they just laughed it off, “Lahat ng scenes namin ni Raf talagang tinatawanan na lang namin, ‘Gagawin talaga natin ‘to?’ I feel like it helps, saka sobrang bait niya, sobrang game niya. So, helpful ‘yun para sa akin,” she shared, giving a shout-out to Rafael.

We viewers were all riled up when Bettina slapped Caroline (Belle Mariano) twice for disobeying their family’s orders. Talking about that scene, Kaila admitted she was nervous and kept apologizing to Belle, saying, “I didn’t want to hurt her.” But she’s thankful Belle handled it like a total pro.

And let's not forget about that recent viral scene – the intense revelation and confrontation in the finale week of “Can’t Buy Me Love,” where Bettina was pushed to her limits and nearly went berserk on Caroline after she was revealed to be Divine (Shaina Magdayao) and some other characters' secret murderer in the story.

The scene was a real tearjerker, leaving viewers feeling sorry for Bettina, and at the same time hating her for what she did. Kaila can confirm that the sadness was real, as everyone was getting emotional since they were almost finished filming.

“Sobrang ganda ng naging result kasi ang ganda rin ng naging samahan namin, talagang nagmamahalan kaming lahat,” she stated. “Kami ni Belle nag-holding hands kami bago mag-take, nakakadagdag siya sa pagka-emotional ng eksena. Even kami ni Maris [Racal], talagang connected kami, lahat ng sinasabi niya sa akin ramdam kong genuine.”

She mentioned how everyone was totally into their emotions during that scene, which is why they nailed it in just one take.

We’ll certainly miss the Tius! But the excitement doesn't stop with the series finale, as “Can’t Buy Me Love” has more surprises in store.

During the filming of the finale week, they shot different versions of the flashback murder scene. With multiple versions filmed, even the cast didn't know which clip would be used in the finale to reveal the identity of Divine's killer. Now, you can watch these different versions. Just head over to the ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel and become a member of the Super Kapamilya community to find out who the other alternate killers are in the series.