Kaila Estrada Celebrity Slambook

She may be the child of renowned actors Janice de Belen and John Estrada and among the fast-rising young thespians of her generation, but not much is arguably known about Kaila Estrada yet. Being a newcomer in the industry, many are probably curious about her and wants to know more about her.

And recently, Kaila Estrada filled out Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com’s Celebrity Slam Book. Read on and watch this video for you to find out her responses to the questions we prepared for her.

Fondly called Kaila, her full name is actually Mikaela Ariana De Belen Estrada. Born in 1996 under the zodiac sign Pisces, she just turned 27 last March 16. While she doesn’t have a particular favorite color as it constantly changes, she disclosed that her favorite food is anything with noodles, such as pasta and ramen. It seems that she’s into anything laidback as her favorite song at the moment is “Open Arms” by SZA featuring Travis Scott and her all-time favorite vacation spot is the beach, with Boracay, Pangasinan, and Bohol as among her favorite spots.

Whenever she’s not busy with work, she loves to work out, specifically muay thai, which she considers as her hobby. Aside from acting, she exposed her another astonishing special talent – being able to twist her double-jointed thumb and even demonstrated it.

With regards to her ambitions in life, she imparted that it would be for her to have a very versatile and long acting career, as well as have her own restaurant or café. Since she just appeared in a few programs to date, her dream role is to be part of an action thriller project, which she hopes to be fulfilled in the years to come.

We can say that Kaila is the type who doesn’t stresses herself out with things that she has no control because her motto in life is “Que sera sera – whatever will be, will be,” which she also has as a tattoo.

When asked to describe herself, she uttered that she’s “very laidback, very patient, and, at the same time, very hardworking.” And for the most interesting question in any slam book that is “what is love?”, she said that it is “a choice for her.” She explained, “We choose the people that we love. We choose to love them fully and unconditionally.”

The questions then veered to her life as an actress, starting off with her first audition. While she’s been modelling for quite sometime now, she recalled that her first audition actually happened in 2020 via Zoom, since it was in the midst of pandemic when she decided to join the industry. She might not have made it to that TV series nor gotten any role, but she’s still thankful as it allowed her to snag a role in Viral Scandal, wherein she played the character of Raven, which she considers as one of the best roles she has ever taken.

And just like any celebrity we admire, Kaila also has her own fangirl moment. The first it happened was when she and her sister Moira went to the live show of their ultimate favorite band Panic! At The Disco at a mall in Mandaluyong City, wherein they got to see them up-close and personal, and even had them sign their posters and CDs.

In the years that she’s been in the local entertainment scene, she has surely met a lot of artists like her. But it is her Viral Scandal co-star Charlie Dizon who she considers as her first showbiz friend. Meanwhile, when it comes to her showbiz role model, she didn’t only mention one, but two actresses – her mom Janice and Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, who she fondly calls “nanay.”

“I’m lucky to have two mothers now in showbiz. One, of course, my mom Janice, who I grew up admiring not just her being a mom, but with how good she is in her craft, how dedicated she is. And, of course, now my nanay, Ms. Maricel Soriano. I grew up watching her and now, having a very close relationship with her, seeing how good she is also at her craft and how generous and kind and sweet person [she is]. Sobrang ina-admire ko silang dalawa and I’m very, very blessed,” she conveyed.