Kapamilya stars’ strongest sense

In grade school science, we were taught that our five senses go through daily and unique functions. But, with all these five working together and separately, which one is your strongest? We asked Kapamilya stars this question, and here are their answers. 

We can all agree that musicians have good ears. The musically-trained auditory nerve can distinguish even the slightest pitch and tonal differences. Teen Clash star and music royalty Jayda could vouch for this, saying, “I think bata pa lang po ako, very sensitive na ako pagdating sa sound and sa pitch sa pagkanta.” Her fellow music lovers Sheena Belarmino and Markus Patterson would echo her sentiments. 

The sense of hearing isn’t just meant to listen to songs, as it is also an important part of communication, as Gail Banawis explained, “Kasi minsan what you see is not what you get. Pero 'pag naririnig mo ‘yung intonation ng tao, [you know] what they really mean.”

Dirty Linen star Elisse Joson revealed she could hear outside noise even through the slightest gap of an open window inside the car. 

Meanwhile, to prove that she has a strong auditory perception, Miles Ocampo shared that she once heard weird voices as a kid like murmurs of people praying in a different language. “Ever since no’n, ‘pag alam kong may something, talagang hindi na talaga ako magse-stay kahit sabihin nating ihing-ihi ako pero ‘pag feeling ko ‘yung restroom may something, hindi talaga ako papasok,” she jestingly calls it “third ear,” or maybe it’s the so-called sixth sense. 

Vision is the most dominant sense of those who have keen attention to detail like Ralph Malibunas. Zach Castañeda and McCoy de Leon consider themselves highly observant as well, while Andi Abaya loves seeing beautiful things. Kobi Brown shared that he has a mute-deaf friend who communicates through sign language, thus he thinks sight is the most important sense of a person in general. 

They say that scents and memories are intertwined, thus Lovi Poe considers her nose an incredible part of her body, “It brings me back to a certain place when I smell something that reminds me of something.” 

As for Vivoree Esclito, she uses her strong sense of smell to enliven her appetite by sniffing the food first. She also loves perfumes and scents. 

There’s a reason why the sense of touch is considered a dominant love language. Aljon Mendoza related, “Doon ako nakakuha ng energy at nakaka-feel ng tao.” As Dimples Romana puts it, when words are not enough, let touch communicate. 

Vice Ganda likewise believes that her touch is powerful enough to make someone happy. Her “Partner In Crime” Ivana Alawi would agree. 

For a foodie like Ryza Cenon, taste is what makes the world happy. 

Meanwhile, veteran actor Rez Cortez imparted that acting makes use of all the five senses, “Dahil sa aming mga artista, ‘yun ang ginagamit namin sa aming propesyon. We use feelings, we use sense of smell, seeing, ‘yung pakiramadam natin, pang-amoy. ‘Yun ay pantay-pantay sa amin bilang isang artista.”

Which among the five senses is your strongest, Kapamilya?  Play the video and join the conversation!