Juris reveals Valentine’s treats for fans, talks about OPM and advice to aspiring artists

The soulful voice of Juris Fernandez-Lim, or simply Juris, will set “Hearts on Fire” in a free back-to-back digital concert with Jed Madela this February 13. She also renders another love song for the Himig Handog 11th Edition. The OPM gem talks about these exciting performances in this edition of Kapamilya Chat.

Juris is no stranger to virtual performances since artists reinvented themselves into online stars when the pandemic happened. She easily coped with the changes. And knowing Jed’s mastery of his craft makes her feel more at ease. She’s certain everything will fall into place despite the preparations being limited to virtual interactions. She mentioned that Jed would make sure she’s comfortable with the song choices. She also trusts the creatives and musicians involved in this concert.

Artists like her make do with virtual interactions with the viewers though they miss the energy of a live audience. The best thing about digital concerts is it gives Kapamilyas all over the world a chance to join the event.

“Hearts on Fire also features Ice Seguerra, Fana, Miguel Odron, and Markki Stroem. Given this lineup, we can surely expect a night of affecting love songs.

Moving on to the topic about her participation in this year’s Himig Handog as a song interpreter, Juris said she’s happy to be back and bring listeners another beautiful yet soul-piercing piece. She breathes emotions to “Ika’y Babalik Pa Ba” composed by Jabez Orara.

“Ika’y Babalik Pa Ba” is an anthem for those who are stuck in limbo, confused about moving on or waiting for a love to come back. Juris hasn’t experienced such dilemmas in real life but she knows some who did and she listens to their stories. As a singer, it’s her responsibility to understand the song’s theme so she can fully empathize with the message and bring the right emotions. The good thing is Jabez explained the ‘hugot’ behind this piece which, interestingly, is based from personal experience.

Juris revealed that she still feels nervous before a performance because she wants everything to be perfect and the audiences to enjoy the moment. The pressure even gets more real when she’s being watched by the song’s composer. But the tension would disappear once she starts enjoying the mood.

The Kapamilya songstress is happy with the current state of OPM. She thinks it’s evolving and we are yet to discover more talented artists and musicians. That’s why platforms like Himig Handog provide aspiring stars the opportunity to showcase their genius.

Juris told dreamers to always be passionate and give their best in every performance because the right people might be watching. More importantly, they have to be patient and trust that what’s meant for them will come at the right time.

Juris, now a mom of two, also mentioned the lessons she learned in 2020 – the importance of self-love, mental health care, and quality time spent with the family.

The former ASAP Sessionista will bring beautiful melodies and soulful ‘hugots’ to the love month. To set us in the mood for jamming, the original acoustic muse takes on a fun musical challenge called “Sing the Situation” where she’d describe a scenario using any song.

Juris thinks “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” is the perfect song choice when the food is served late. To describe a traffic situation in EDSA, she sang a few lines from “So Slow.” She went for “I Will Survive” to relate oil price hike.

She would sing “Breathless” in case she’s overeaten and “Dying Inside to Hold You” if she left her phone at home.

Juris invites everyone to catch her free Valentine’s concert and stream “Ika’y Babalik Pa Ba” and the other Himig 11th Edition entries.