Joseph, Ryza, Nathalie share love lessons, comment on each other’s acting skills

Love can be messy and complicated, but it can also be achingly beautiful. The film “Kunwari Mahal Kita” starring Joseph Marco, Nathalie Hart, and Ryza Cenon paints this reality of relationships and marriage. Find out more in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

The cast takes pride in their project, one that is relatable. It tells the story of struggling artist Greg (Joseph), who questions his worth as the man of the house having been married to the successful Cindy (Nathalie). Amid all the drama in his married life, he meets the man-hater Hydes (Ryza) and from there we’ll see how this complicated tale unfolds. The characters’ individual ‘hugots’ will surely resonate with the viewers, Nathalie said, as she herself could relate to Cindy’s story.

They went on to talk about working together. Ryza and Joseph were able to share one Maalaala Mo Kaya episode, hence aware of each other’s work ethic and skills. The actor mentioned that he was excited to work with Ryza again, this time, in a full-length film. It’s also his second time acting with Nathalie in a movie, and he only has praises for her.

“You know, Nathalie, it doesn’t feel like working when I’m working with you,” he told her during the interview. “Ang sarap kasi katrabaho nito, sobrang gaan, sobrang kalog, and nakita ko ‘yung growth niya. I must say abangan n’yo ‘yung performance ni Nathalie Hart dito.” He knows Nathalie would downplay the compliments but he guarantees moviegoers will be amazed by her acting.

The two have grown pretty close behind the scenes, thanks to Nathalie’s ‘kalog’ personality. As she puts it, “Palagi ko ‘yang binabasag. Masaya kasi 'pag hindi masyadong seryoso ‘yung mga tao.” She also saluted Ryza’s performance and attitude, “Hindi ako nahirapan makipag-work sa kanya… She’s so nice. She’s so professional at napakagaling niyang artista.”

Ryza echoed her co-stars’ musings about their experiences and camaraderie on set, saying work felt like vacation as they filmed in Pangasinan, some beautiful spots of which are shown in the film.

In keeping with the movie’s theme, they were asked if it’s easier to hide feelings or pretend that you’re in love. Ryza spoke first, going for the first scenario. She implied that as an introvert, she's more comfortable with keeping her emotions.

Faking her feelings is never an option for the candid Nathalie, so she’d rather conceal. Besides, she’s only an actress in front of the cameras, but behind the scenes, she’s known to always keep it real. There was one time, though, when she didn't tell a guy that she likes him. “Hiyang-hiya ako sabihin, eh. Tinago ko na lang kasi baka basted-in pa ako, so ako pa napahiya,” she said in jest.

When asked their thoughts on the phrase “pretend to forget,” the trio imparted that it’s better to acknowledge than bury the pain. “I don’t think you need that. Magpakatotoo ka. If you’re hurt, you don’t have to show it to everybody but you have to be honest to yourself. Harapan mo kung ano ‘yung nararamdaman mo,” Joeph pressed that healing begins with embracing the hurt.

Ryza added, “Hindi ka makaka-move forward kung nagse-stay ka lang doon at nape-pretend ka. Kailangan mong mag-move on kasi hindi ka maggo-grow. Mababaon ka sa past.” While Nathalie is in limbo about this topic, what she’s sure of is she will never give second chance to people who haven’t learned from their mistakes in the past. From there, Ryza maintained that she doesn’t give second chances as well, unless it’s for her child’s well-being.

Take more love lessons from Joseph, Nathalie, and Ryza in their film “Kunwari Mahal Kita” and through their insightful discussion in Kapamilya Chat.