Joseph, Ryza, and Nathalie get candid on Kapamilya Chat’s “My Rules” Challenge

Joseph Marco, Ryza Cenon, and Nathalie Hart shared their commandments about specific things in this edition of “My Rules Challenge” on Kapamilya Chat.

Starting off with their rules on tattoos, the ever-candid Nathalie admitted she regrets having tattoos at the age of 19. She has several tattoos but all of which are on private areas or can be covered by clothing. “I feel like it’s only for me. Kung may makakita man, eh ‘di swerte siya,” she quipped. On a serious note, her advice to youngsters is, “Just don’t do it kasi there’s no point.” She suggests having temporary tattoos instead, though in her case, her tattoos are meaningful and they make her feel different. Basically, her rule is to not have tattoos for the purpose of trying to look cool.

Joseph, who has tattoos on both arms, suggests starting with minimalist designs, “Wait until you feel like, ‘Okay, tattoo is for me.’ Saka ka mag-level up into bigger ones.” As actors, they can only have small tattoos that are not visible to the camera or can be covered with makeup. Ryza has a tiny tattoo of her mom’s name and her son’s birthday.

Moving on to the next topic about curfews, Nathalie admitted she never followed curfews when she was young but now she’s at the age when she’d rather sleep early than party, “’Pag bata ka, gusto mo walang tulugan, ayaw mo nang umuwi. Pero ‘pag tumatanda ka, it’s a sign that you have to take care of yourself.”

The same goes for Marco, who only experienced curfews during the lockdown. He thinks youngsters need a curfew, though. It will help them understand their limitations.

Speaking of pandemic realizations, Nathalie has learned to be less materialistic. Now, she only buys essentials unless things are broken and need to be replaced. She’s also on the lookout for sales and discounts, knowing the value of products because she used to have a clothing business. She only buys a pricey branded item if she really likes it, but in limited quantity.

The same goes for Ryza, who’d rather spend on food than material things. For Joseph, the rule is simple: anything in excess is bad. He’d rather choose grocery shopping than purchase unessential material things as well, “Hindi rin ako mahilig sa shopping. Kung kailangan talaga, do’n lang ako bibili.”

Lastly, asked about their commandments on friendship, Nathalie confessed, “Hay, naku! Marami kaming drama ng friends ko right now, eh.” Don’t you love her honesty? Basically, her rule is, “Huwag tayong maglaglagan. Whatever that we have, whatever secrets o ‘yung mga pinag-usapan natin, let’s keep it between us only.” For Nathalie, being trustworthy is the only prerequisite to a lasting friendship.

Joseph further discussed that people get different sets of friendships as they age, meaning they grow from old habits and interests. “For me, you just have to curate your world, your reality kung saan mo gustong pumunta. Be with those people na mag-uplift sa’yo pataas rather than pull you down.”

Meanwhile, the introverted Ryza admitted she’s often presumed ‘maldita’ or snob. One time, her co-workers even complained that she was aloof and just sleeping instead of bonding with them. The truth is she’s not comfortable initiating conversations, but she’d engage once someone approaches her. Besides, as she explained when called out due to that feedback, she’d rather save her energy, especially when playing a demanding character.

Which of these rules from Joseph, Ryza, and Nathalie resonate with you, Kapamilya?