Joao Constancia recalls working at an airport, getting his first tattoo

With how handsome and multi-talented he is, there’s no doubt that Joao Constancia is one of the most promising heartthrobs of his generation. He may be in the industry for around seven years now and we’ve bee seeing him regularly in ASAP Natin ‘To, but not much is known about him yet.

So, in this exclusive, he enthusiastically shared five things about him that his every fan should know.

With how thick his English accent yet, many assumed that he’s a foreign blood. But he clarified here that he’s actually pure Filipino, but he was born and raised in Macau, China.

We surely have noticed his piercings, but probably not his tattoos. He flexed the two minimalist tatts on both his forearms and revealed that he has other two inked on his legs. But before having these tatts, he used to have one in the shape of a triangle when he was just 16, which served as a friendship tattoo among him and his two other old best friends.

But did you know that before coming to the Philippines and joining the ABS-CBN reality singing competition Pinoy Boyband Superstar in 2016, Joao actually used to work at the Macau Airport under the passenger service department? He was in-charge of checking the boarding pass and passports of passengers before boarding in to their flights. Besides, he also did a special service, which was pushing wheelchairs of elderlies and persons with disabilities.

And lastly, while he may be born and raised in Macau, he actually experienced studying here in the Philippines for a year when he was in third year high school.

What other facts about Joao that you wish to find out, too, Kapamilya?