JMKO and iDolls talk about their new singles and take on a level-up Kantahan Challenge

Singer and TikTok sensation JMKO ticks another milestone off his bucket list as he drops his debut EP titled “Prelude.” He shared more about this new feat in an episode of Kapamilya Chat.

JMKO recently released “Prelude” which is a compilation of his old songs under Star Music. The first track is self-written, followed by “Tabi-Tabi Po” which he interpreted for last year’s Himig Handog. It also features his version of Jay R’s classic hit “Bakit Pa Ba” and “Aahon,” the official soundtrack of “Story of Yanxi Palace” in the Philippines.

The carrier single is “Bitaw Na” written by Kiko Salazar. “Listen at your own risk,” JMKO described the song as ‘mapanakit.’ While music can be interpreted in different ways, his goal for “Bitaw Na” is to speak of letting go and moving on rather than giving up.

Besides, the song is not just about romance. “It can be about other stuff like career.” Asked what would make him let go, JMKO said he’s one to follow both the heart and mind. But his cue to let go is when things start to feel like a chore.

It’s worth noting how JMKO managed to enter the mainstream music scene through online platforms. So as advice to aspiring singers, he said there’s no way to go but forward. Start with something small until it grows. JMKO’s journey is far from perfect, though. There were moments of doubt and lack of motivation. In those times, he opts to take a rest and practice self-love instead of giving up on his dreams.

“Mapanakit” is how listeners describe JMKO’s single “Bitaw Na.” But when delivered in different situations, will the ‘hugot’ remain as soul-piercing? Watch JMKO perform different versions of “Bitaw Na” in this Kapamilya Chat episode.

Kapamilya Chat dared JMKO to sing “Bitaw Na” as if his crush is watching. Surprise! It sounded ‘kilig’ than ‘mapanakit,’ plus JMKO has this charming gaze.

The TikTok sensation also pretended to hold his bathroom urge and win in a lottery. He sounded calm in both situations. Then, came all the ‘feels’ as JMKO performed “Bitaw Na” in the most soulful way.

The trio of Lucas Garcia, Matty Juniosa, and Enzo Almario – collectively known as iDolls – is back with a new song titled “Kapangyarihan,” which they wrote together.

“It talks about your power as an individual, not only for the members of the LGBT community,” said Enzo. Weaving the track through team effort, their assigned verses tell a piece of their individual stories, and even allies or supporters of the LGBT can take inspiration from the song.

Lucas mentioned that it empowers listeners to let go of their insecurities – whether it’s about their gender, size, or color. “Hindi mo kailangang maging bakla para maka-relate ka sa kantang ito. Para din ‘to sa mga lumaki sa pangungutya. ‘Pag ang daming negative na napupuna ng tao sa kanila, pwede nilang patugtugin ang kantang ito at ma-encourage,” he shared.

The song’s structure was patterned after “Bang Bang” by Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj. For Matty, the process was scary at first but his friends from the industry were all willing to help. He asked songwriting tips from fellow Idol Philippines alum Dan Ombao, composer Kiko Salazar, and former Star in a Million finalist DK Tijan. Taking on DK’s advice, Matty came up with a beat inspired by funky tracks like “Power” by Little Mix and “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child.

Lucas’ favorite line from the song is “Alab ng puso’y ‘di magbabago, may makeup o wala.” He thought these words express self-confidence and him being unstoppable. “Gagawin ko ang gusto kong gawin. Ang mahalaga, wala akong ginagawang masama at nakakatulong ako sa pamilya ko at nakaka-inspire ako ng ibang tao.”

For Enzo, the most striking line is “Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako ang nasasaktan kahit hindi ako ang inyong pinag-uusapan.” It talks about him being protective of his loved ones. Words will never hurt him unless thrown at the people he loves.

iDolls also left inspiring messages for the LGBTQIA community. Matty said they are making progress but it doesn’t need to stop there. No matter what happens, they will fight for one another. “We do not beg to be the epitome of what it’s like to be gay but we are doing our best para marinig ‘yung stories natin at sana proud kayo sa amin.”

Lucas reminded his fellow LGBT members the need to uplift each other, “Huwag tayong maghilaan pababa para ma-raise natin ang LGBT flag.” More importantly, show your authentic self because that’s how others will love you more.

Enzo’s message, on the other hand, is about believing in yourself. He knows bashers can be loud sometimes but you don’t have to listen. “Once na nagpakutya ka at natalo ka, ibig sabihin ginamit niya ‘yung kahinaan mo against you.”

iDolls also thanked their supporters who’ve been there since Idol Philippines, overwhelmed by how they grew into a big community of fun and music-loving people.

iDolls combined acting, music, and loads of hilarity as they took on Kapamilya Chat’s Online Kantahan session.

They were asked to interpret their new song “Kapangyarihan” based on the given scenario, starting off with ‘chismisan’ moments. iDolls made it sound like a happy and loud musical. What if they bump into the person who broke their hearts? Matty would rather keep silent, Lucas would sing as if no one’s watching, and Enzo would roll his eyes.

Lucas and Enzo used props when asked to sing “Kapangyarihan” and pretend to hold their bathroom urge, while Matty sounded hoarse. Lastly, they belted out their most powerful performances of “Kapangyarihan,” with Enzo doing it ala Regine Velasquez!

Listen to iDolls’ “Kapangyarihan” now available on digital music streaming platforms.