Jeremy G shared thoughts on LDR and the ‘senti’ story behind his new song

Distanced from loved ones during the pandemic, Jeremy Glinoga turned his feelings into a song called “Someday.”

Jeremy G opened this episode of Kapamilya Chat talking about his solo Christmas and New Year celebration. He's been in the Philippines since the holidays while his family was left overseas, plus he had to isolate himself for a new project. It’s not that he’s getting used to being alone but he just learned that it remains possible to keep connected to loved ones despite being miles apart.

This kind of situation is what inspired him to create his new single “Someday.” He wrote the lyrics and composed the music last August of 2020 at the height of the Luzon-wide lockdown. He thought of making an anthem for people who miss their special someone, family, and loved ones.

Asked what he’d like listeners to feel from this ‘hugot’ piece, Jeremy answered, “If you miss someone, don’t hide it. Tell them, reach out to them and say na, ‘Hey, I miss you. I hope you’re doing okay.’ Hindi masama mag-text paminsan-minsan ng ‘kumusta ka na?’ especially during this pandemic na we don’t know what people are going through at home.”

He added that every person is battling something these days and it’s difficult to find peace, so checking up on one another would be a big help to our mental health.

The former The Voice Teens contender also revealed he was once in a long-distance relationship or LDR. Jeremy didn’t go into the details of the relationship, sharing only what he learned from the experience. He said it taught him the power of open communication and trust in keeping a relationship. “If you like or love someone, kahit gaano sila kalayo sayo, parang it just feels right talking to them.” Therefore, his tip to LDR couples is to keep connected even virtually.  

The pandemic, however, put a different meaning to ‘distance’ that even a loved one from the next street already seems miles away. Jeremy knew how it feels, thus the line “I can’t wait til the day our hearts aligned” from his song. He said the first part of the song talked about the aching frustrations, sadness, and pain of being physically apart but the latter lines spark hope, “Na kahit gaano kahirap ngayon, we’ll be together again.”

Asked if he’s open to a long-distance romance, Jeremy said, “Basta mahal ko siya or I feel like she’s special to me, why not?”

The ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay went on to share his process in writing songs. Typically, like what happened in making “Someday,” he’d begin with chord progression on the piano, which he learned to play since he was a kid. Then, the melody will inspire the lyrics. For “Someday,” the first phrase that popped up in his mind while playing the piano was “pain away.” From there, he played with the theme until he came up with the idea of pain brought about by the lockdown. “I was looking out the window, sa mga buildings. Tapos sabi ko, ‘Ang senti ko ngayon.’ Kahit gaano kalapit ‘yung building sa akin, it feels so far,”

Then, he ended “Someday” with a positive note, “You’re still hopeful that all the pain at lahat ng nararanasan mo ngayon, it will get better.”

This 2022, Jeremy created a list of resolutions that include being more disciplined, avoiding procrastination, learning more hobbies, and singing and dancing more.

Jeremy G looked so adorable even while struggling to guess Filipino words for Kapamilya Chat’s “What Do You Meme” Challenge. In this game, the player would have to recite or guess the jumbled words based on what it sounds like.

For the first two rounds, he was able to guess “mob boo hay’ as mabuhay, then, ‘mark cool lie’ as makulay.

It turned a little difficult in the succeeding rounds where Jeremy failed to translate ‘she feel you’ to sipilyo, ‘plank gonna’ to planggana , ‘pot a last task’ to patalastas and ‘ben till adore’ to bentilador. He was close to pronouncing the Filipino words properly but since English is his mother tongue, Jeremy failed to give the exact answers.

He finished the game well, though, translating ‘my hall key track’ to mahal kita.

Catch up with Jeremy in this video!