Jay-R and Kyla share their could-have-been ‘love story’ and life lessons, prank calls Kris Lawrence

R&B Royalties Jay-R and Kyla are now both happily married, so fans stopped wishing they’d end up sharing something romantic. But as they reunite for another soulful collaboration, their fans are granted all the reasons to feel the familiar feeling of JayLa ‘kilig’ once more.

Proving that they are “soulmates,” Jay-R and Kyla got into the same interest this quarantine. Call them ‘plantito’ and ‘plantita’! Jay-R got the green thumb genes from his dad while being stuck at home inspired Kyla to bring nature in. Through research and patience, she has learned to propagate plants.

Apart from flora, household cleaning and organizing kept them busy as well. Jay-R enjoyed the newlywed bliss with wife Mica Javier while Kyla became a more hands-on mother to son, Toby.

And when asked about their greatest pandemic takeaway, the best friends talked about family. Kyla was reminded of the importance of keeping the family together, of starting and ending the day with them. Family is the key to her sanity. “I know we are dealing with different levels of shock but as long as you have your family, you’re intact, I think ‘yung mental health mo will be okay. You’ll get through this as long as you have each other.”

The Queen of R&B also realized that material things have no value. She used to splurge on branded bags and shoes but she can’t even use them now. “You have to invest on experiences, memories na naipon mo, no one can steal them from you unlike material things na pwedeng mawala in an instant,” she added.

On his part, the King of R&B mentioned that he also learned to value his loved ones including Kyla. “Si Kyla, kasama sa family ko ‘yan. Love na love ko ‘yan, parang kapatid ko ‘yan,” he said. More so, he learned to live in the moment and refrain from worrying about things that are beyond his control. He simply appreciates all that he has.

“Maging masaya na lang ako sa meron ako, na buhay ako dito ngayon. Meron akong studio, meron akong magandang asawa, meron akong mababait na kaibigan. ‘Yung ang importante, to be satisfied with what you have,” shared Jay-R.

He told those still struggling to cope with the “new normal” not to panic but instead embrace the adjustment period. On top of that, move out of negativity and know that things will eventually get better. Kyla underscored the power of prayer as a potent weapon against all kinds of trials. After all, only the Man above is in full control and knowing.

And if you’re looking for an escape, let Jay-R and Kyla’s eargasmic soulful music soothe your anxieties as well!



“We were young then, still I can’t pretend. It’s still lingering. I wonder what could have been. This love is so undeniable. We could’ve been the perfect couple,” says the lyrics of Jay-R and Kyla’s newest musical collaboration titled “Undeniable.” These words were plucked from real life, inspired by what could have been their love story. 

A bashful smile is seen on Jay-R’s face as he talked about how he came up with the storytelling. He crafted the song with JayLa fans in mind, wanting to bring them back the kilig. And what better way is there to serve kilig than make the narrative real.

Jay-R composed the music first with a series of back and forth with Kyla. Then, he started writing the lyrics, which they will eventually finish together. “Gusto ko ‘pag narinig nila ‘yung kantang to, gusto ko kikiligin sila, So, naisip ko, gawa tayo ng istorya na parang, ito pala ‘yung nangyari sa aming dalawa. Noong sinulat ko, medyo may doubts ako kasi may asawa na si Kyla, may asawa na rin ako,” he revealed.

Not wanting stir issues once the song comes out, Jay-R let his wife Mica Javier be the first one to listen to the finished single. Apparently, Kyla also sought the approval of husband Rich Alvarez.

Does the love between them remain undeniable? Jay-R said, “Of course, this love is still undeniable because we love each other as friends and we will always be friends. Pero ‘yung story mismo, it could have been true dati. It’s almost a true story from the past.”

For the King and Queen of R&B, their chemistry is grounded on sharing the same passion for music. They both enjoy being on the stage together. “Sa totoo lang, siya pa rin ‘yung favorite ko na ka-tandem kasi kumbaga we know each other. We’re friends for like 18 years. Siya pa rin ‘yung favorite ko na ka-duet, siya pa rin,” Kyla expressed.

Watch out for the music video which they promise would awaken the hearts of JayLa fans. “Undeniable” is now available in digital music platforms.


Prank Call

R&B heartthrobs Jay-R and Kris Lawrence always make jamming soulful and fun, with a perfect blending born since their high school days.

They met at St. Genevieve High School in Panorama City, San Fernando Valley. Sharing the same style and taste in music, they honed their singing skills by joining a well-known R&B group in San Fernando. 

The then-teenage buddies were clueless about what’s waiting for them in the Philippines. Jay-R convinced Kris to come over and try his luck as a singer in Manila as well. He told him to audition for Star in a Million. And the rest is history.

They have already joined forces in several concerts and other musical collaborations. They’ve been the best of friends. In this edition of Kapamilya Chat, Jay-R put their friendship to the test in the Prank Call Challenge.

Jay-R pretended that his niblings are getting evicted due to non-payment for rental, so he requested Kris to take them in for at least a month.

Kris was on taping location when he got the call. Albeit he was stupefied at first, he granted him the favor. When the prank was revealed, the victim vowed to get back at Jay-R, and Kyla who was just listening to the conversation all throughout.

 Check out the video to find out how Kris handled the surprising situation!