Janine Berdin Christmas 2021

ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay and New Gem of OPM Janine Berdin, who’s now sporting a short lavender hair, returns to Hotspot again to promote and talk about her newest single “Pagod Na Ako”, as well as share a few things about her personal life in this episode of Hotspot.

The episode commenced with Janine performing “Pagod Na Ako,” which, according to her, is her way of giving comfort to listeners who feel the same way as hers.

“The song is really about acknowledging po ‘yong mga struggles natin and what we’re going through kasi most of the time, ino-overlook natin, dine-deny natin na pagod na tayo because we really keep going – and that’s important. Pero important din na i-acknowledge natin ‘yong pinagdadaanan natin kasi magbi-build up ‘yan,” she said when asked regarding the inspiration behind it.

Janine then recalled how she was able to came up with it while taking a shower and completed it on her way to the studio. She presented it to her producer JK Labajo and it got approved. With regards to working with the The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1 alumnus, she revealed that he always makes her feel comfortable and encourage her to be vocal when it comes to expressing her opinions, thoughts, and creative ideas, especially if it’s about her own music. He’s always been hands-on as well throughout the process, to the point that he even attended her recent media con.

With regards to the music video, she told DJ Jhai Ho that it was inspired by a marionette, which movements are being controlled by someone who pulls the strings attached to it. That idea was actually a brainchild of its director and editor GELOYELLOW.

In relation to the gist of her latest track, DJ Jhai Ho asked her about the other things aside from music that motivates her to stand still amid the struggles that she’s going through. The New Gen Diva revealed that those are her support system, which is comprised by her family and friends, and reading self-help books. Besides, reminding herself of her purpose and of the striking quote “Remember when you prayed for what you have now” have also encouraged her to keep pushing through.

She also admitted getting exhausted or having a terrible life after her shocking transformation, to the point that her mom advised her to just go back to Cebu and continue her studies. But she insisted to stay here in Manila to pursue music, which her parents totally supported.

Furthermore, the Tawag ng Tanghalan alumna related how amazed she is of how her mom was able to figure out what she was going through that time and, at the same time, grateful that her mom took the time to listen to her and uplift her spirits despite her busy schedule.

Some of the comments she’s been receiving ever since may have been hard-hitting, but Janine confessed that those actually never crushed her because she’d been planning it, yet she only had to wait for the right time to have it done. She simply shrugged those off and just wondered where all the hate is coming from.

And since Christmas is just around the corner, DJ Jhai Ho asked Janine how she’ll celebrate it. She related that her family is actually going on a roadtrip from Cebu to Manila, then she’ll join them back to Cebu.

If given a chance to wish three things to Santa Claus, those would be OPM breakthrough in the international music scene, for her to continue creating music forever, and for her to be also able to learn more about music.

Watch this episode to everything that happened in this fun and engaging conversation of DJ Jhai Ho with Janine Berdin. You may also stream her newest track “Pagod Na Ako” across all major music platforms!