Janine Berdin gets her little act of revenge, prank calls Zephanie Dimaranan

Remember when Zephanie Dimaranan pranked and almost made Janine Berdin cry in an episode of Kapamilya Chat? Now, tables turn as Janine gets her payback time!

There was trouble in Janine’s voice. She was telling her bestie that she wanted to run away from home after a heated argument with her sister. She said she’s seated on a bench, alone and in need of help.

Without too much talk, Zephanie knew where the scenario was headed to, so she volunteered to take her friend in – but with a swab test for safety protocols. She also asked for Janine’s exact location so she could pick her up. Janine begged off and said she would just book for her ride, and then revealed the prank!

“Ah! Pambawi mo ‘to?!” Zephanie reacted. Janine said “I love you!” The victim replied with, “No! No! No! Mga Kapamilya, don’t trust this girl.” Before the call ended, Zephanie declared, “Gagantihan kita!”

We’ll watch out how this prank battle continues