James Reid reveals the cutest, most interesting random things about him

The internet would always be on fire everytime James Reid would drop a thing or two about himself. Because this hottie isn’t the type to always do the talking. So consider yourself lucky as James himself gets random and candid to reveal things and moments you’re dying to know about him! 

We first asked him to share one random song from his playlist. The singer-actor, with a demi-god appeal, smiled and asked for a minute to check out his phone. He listens to a lot of music but, on that day, he was in the mood for “Baby, Come Back” by Player. 

James wanted to be a chef before moving into the Philippines and becoming an artist. Back in his hometown in Australia, he loved to whip up dishes for his family, thanks to an uncle who introduced him to the kitchen. And, he took a course in Hospitality. “I was good at it,” he said. 

He owns two Japanese katana swords. He can’t remember where he got the other one while the first sword was from a music video shoot.

A heartthrob like him sure had tons of fan encounters. The most recent that popped up in his head is a scenario with a fan shouting his name in public. “I didn’t hear him, so I didn’t turn around. Then, he started screaming ‘LeBron James Reid,’ that’s the only time I turned around and the guy was laughing.”

He is no stranger to fan signs, of course. “I definitely signed almost everything for a fan – from the forehead to the front of their cell phone to their bags, clothes, everything.”

Asked to dish out one random piece of advice he received, James recalled that when he was a kid, his father’s friend told him to be cool with things beyond his control. “When you’re having a problem, always think, is there anything you can do about it? If no, then, don’t worry about it.” He now considers it “a lazy advice.”

James has a thirst for adventures. If not, he wouldn’t be where he is today. He said moving into the Philippines is one of the biggest spontaneous risks he’s taken. Besides that, the list includes joining Pinoy Big Brother, signing up for showbiz, and putting up his own music label. “They’ve taken me to good places. I must be very lucky!” Sometimes, the scariest, most random risks lead us to our destination – take it from James!

Check out this video and get to know more of the all-around heartthrob!