James Reid responds to netizen questions, thanks fans for unending support

Just a day after his newest track “Soda” was released, PUSH caught up with actor-musician James Reid in the latest episode of PUSH Bets Live wherein he talked about how his life has been during the pandemic, his newest song and the creative process he went through, and his upcoming projects this year

“In 2020, it was really rough for everyone. I think I started the year a bit lost, a bit unsure of the future and what was going to happen in terms of my career, my music label. But it’s turned out also to be a very big year for our company; we’ve grown a lot. So there’s a silver lining,” he related.

When asked what are the changes that happened to him in the past year, he jested that it’s his hair, which actually got his fans delighted and even spawned to the viral “front cam challenge”. However, it was actually the discipline for him, especially with regards to work, as well as only veering his focus on things that are important for him, such as his dreams and music.

Since it has been already three years since the release of his album “Palm Dreams”, James is “very happy” to be able to present “Soda”, which he described as the kind of music he would always want to release. He divulged that it was actually his first time to produce a track 100% by himself, and sought the help of Nadine his other friends in Careless Music.

“Actually, ‘Soda’ has nothing to do with the song. I called it ‘Soda’ because the track was really refreshing. So when I made the song, I decided to call it ‘Soda’. You know that feeling when you’re really thirsty and then you drink a cold soda and it feels good. That’s why it’s called ‘Soda’,” he disclosed.

When it comes to the inspiration behind this track, the 27-year-old heartthrob revealed that it’s the lessons learned from 2020 – “learning to turn these difficult situations, these hard times into positive change”. Meanwhile, the message he wanted the listeners to take away are the “feeling of hope, of peace, there are brighter things ahead, and just let life surprise you”.

With regards to his much-awaited collaboration with his former reel-to-real partner Nadine, James said that he actually got featured in her “Wildest Dreams” record through a song titled “Complicated Love”. But he’s still hoping to work with her again on television and movie projects when the time is already right.

“I’m looking forward to a lot of projects we’re releasing – the music, the concerts, the music videos, the live performances. There’s a lot of new contents for the fans to enjoy,” he retorted when quizzed about the things he’s anticipating this 2021. After “Soda”, he’s also yet to release two more singles in the first half of the year and is expecting to mount online digital concerts.

The interview wrapped up with James willingly responding to the questions sent in by fans through PUSH’s social media platforms, inviting everyone to stream “Soda”, and expressing his gratitude to the undying support of his fans.

Check out this video to witness everything that happened in this fun and insightful interview with James!