Ivana goes on an exciting food trip with siblings during Japan getaway

Those who are following Ivana Alawi on social media and YouTube are surely well-aware how much she loves to eat. And during her recent trip to Japan with her beloved siblings Mona and Hash, she made sure that their itinerary would include food stall hopping at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, wherein they tried several Japanese delicacies and rated each from 1 to 10.

Even though it was raining, the three didn’t let that hamper their excitement towards their food trip. They commenced their oishii (delicious) experience by entering a pastry shop that sells famous Japanese cheese tarts. After being satisfied with the free taste, they ordered one piece for ¥700 (₱300).

Upon stepping out of that shop, she instantly spotted a store that sells fresh oysters, which they didn’t like that much because it was too slimy yet satisfying. They then proceeded to a tea kiosk, wherein they had green tea from yunomi (or small Japanese tea cups) and even bought one pack for ¥2,560 (₱1,080).

The terrific trio moved on to a stall that offers Japanese street foods, such as corn fish cake and fried oyster, which they tried. Since she’s been yearning to taste white strawberry, Ivana didn’t miss the chance to buy a pack and tried it with Mona and Hash, which they absolutely liked.

It seemed that they couldn’t get enough with street foods as they bought cheese fish cake, fried squid legs, and crabstick in another stall. She also got amazed upon the sight of a gigantic king crab in a small aquarium they passed by and ordered four steamed crab legs for ¥20,000 (₱8,468). While waiting for those to be served, she satisfied herself first with uni or sea urchin gonads. They all loved the king crab legs because of naturally sweet it was even without sauce, as compared to the ones they usually cook at home. They also tried tamagoyaki or rolled omelet, which were delicious yet surprisingly as cold as ice cubes.

They then headed to a shop that sells sushi, wherein the actress ordered tuna chutoro or medium fatty tuna, which she loved because it easily melted in her mouth.

Ivana capped off the vlog by sharing her verdict on their fun food trip, saying, “Ang sarap dito sa market na ‘to and ang sarap ng Japanese food, sobrang fresh. ‘Yong mga tao, mababait. Super nag-enjoy kami.”

Watch this vlog to see how Ivana and her siblings reacted to and rated the Japanese delicacies they tasted.