Ivana Street Food Vendor for A Day

Aside from amusing us with her contents doing pranks and bonding with her beloved family, another thing that we love seeing on Ivana Alawi’s vlogs are those wherein she features herself helping the underprivileged by giving away money and gifts to them. And she did it again in the latest vlog uploaded in her YouTube channel. 

Those who have been her watching vlogs would surely know that she usually put on disguise whenever she does this good deed. But in this vlog, she was just cladded in a plain white shirt and jeans, showing her mesmerizing splendor, as she became a street food vendor for a day. 

In order to execute this, Ivana and her team rented a street food cart and rolled through the busy streets somewhere in Manila, offering affordable lumpiang togue, bola-bola, and kwek-kwek. She only accommodated those who would buy from her and give them Php 1, 000 each as prize once they get to answer correctly the question they picked from a bowl. Each person was only bestowed one chance to answer, so once they failed, they only got to take home the food they ordered. 

The questions they prepared ranges from trick questions to questions about her, the Philippines, and anything under the sun. She also gave some additional Php 1,000 as they were able to prove that they are subscribed to her channel. 

Watch this vlog to see how Ivana once again brightens up our day through her glowing beauty, effervescent personality, and admirable generosity!