It’s a word play with Toni Gonzaga and Maris Racal in this Twistanong Challenge!

This game will make you miss your childhood! Reminiscent of playtime at the schoolyard, or maybe inside the classroom while waiting for the next teacher, we dared Toni Gonzaga and Maris Racal to a test of wit.

In this challenge, the goal is to trick the player by asking them to repeatedly pronounce a word that can be confused with the correct answer in the follow-up question.

Maris went first. She had to repeat the word “glass” ten times. Then, asked: “Ano’ng English ng damo?” She said, “grass!”

She’s then asked to say “matagal” ten times as fast as she can. Then challenged to respond to, “Ano’ng apelyido ni Gloria?” We kind of expected her to answer “Macapagal” but she said “Arroyo” in a snap.

This one’s a lot of fun! After saying “oreo” ten times, Maris was asked for the English term for “bawang.” The pressure was real she had to sing “Bahay Kubo” and the first thing that came to mind was “onion” which sounds like “oreo.” She struggled even more, “Ay, hindi! ‘Yung white! Garlic!”

This one’s a classic! She had to say “corn” ten times, “beef” ten times, and “corned beef” ten times. Maris was not outsmarted when asked for the English terms for “mais” and “baka.” She answered “corn” and “cow.”

Lastly, Maris had to say “junior” ten times then snap-respond to “Ano’ng apelyido ni Fernando Poe?” She answered “Poe” pretty quickly. 

It’s Toni’s turn! The first word to be repeated ten times was “feather,” matched with the question “Ano’ng English ng pakpak?” She got it right: “wings!”

Next, she’s asked to repeat “silk” ten times and respond to the question “Ano’ng iniinom ng baka?” Familiarity might tell you it’s “milk” but the correct answer is “water.” Toni slayed this round!

After saying “fork” ten times, she’s challenged to give the English term for “baboy.” Toni was quick to respond, “pig.”

The “corned beef” round got her saying, “Hulihin n’yo naman ako!” We’ll try in the next round. We asked Toni to recite “glass” ten times and respond to “Anong English ng dahon?” Some of us would fall victim and pull out “grass” instead of “leaf” from our brains. But it seems so impossible to play tricks on Toni who finished the game with a perfect score.

Check out this video and try this game with your friends. Double the rush for more excitement!

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