Dami na nilang iniisip...dumagdag pa si Alora Sasam?!   Dahil ang pambansang IQutie Master natin, umatak sa ASAP Natin 'To at It's Showtime stage para hamunin sila Angeline Quinto, Loisa Andalio and R

Kapamilyas can get a quick and fun pick-me-up from one of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s newest shows on their YouTube channel, “I.Q. Ang Nagwagi”! I.Q.utie Master Alora Sasam goes around the sets of Kapamilya shows to quiz the stars with challenging trick questions.

Find out how loveteam LoiNie (Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte), Vhong Navarro, Sam Concepcion, and Angeline Quinto fared in their first “I.Q. Ang Nagwagi” in this video!

On-screen and off-screen couple Loisa and Ronnie were on the set of ASAP Natin ‘To for a performance when Alora caught up with them and put their knowledge to the test. Her first question, “Sa isang kilo ng isda, magkano ang kalahati?” really got the two thinking that they even contemplated the price of fish in the market today. Alora then revealed that they were hearing the question all wrong since the answer is simply “three” or “tres,” as the question was, “Sais ang kilo ng isda, magkano ang kalahati?

Now realizing how the I.Q. challenges worked, the pair were ready for the succeeding questions, but ultimately still found themselves spouting hilarious answers. They even thought they got the last question “Ang tatay ni Maria ay may apat na anak. Si Eenie, Meenie, Minie, at?” right because both of them answered “Mo!” at the same time. While second-guessing, Ronnie still fought for “Mo”, but Loisa realized that the correct answer was “Maria.” It was definitely a good and hilarious effort for the adorable pair!

Next up was the It’s Showtime host Vhong Navarro. Alora started him off by asking him to say “Meat” 10 times. And we all know that is followed up with a question after, which is “What’s the English of “baboy?”. Vhong wasn’t able to collect his wits on time as his first answer was “pork” instead of “pig.”

Not giving up, he was ready for another question. Alora riddled, “Sumabog ang eroplano kung saan nakasakay si Rizal. ‘Yung braso niya napunta sa Luzon, ‘yung katawan niya napunta sa Visayas, ‘yung paa napunta sa Mindanao. Saan napunta ang ulo ni Rizal?” Vhong mischievously smiled because he knew his answer “sa piso” was the right one. This and the other questions he aced immediately amazed I.Q.utie Master Alora that she awarded him the quiz show medal.

Singer Sam Concepcion isn’t one to back down from a challenge. Alora approached him with the tricky situational question, “May limang magkapatid. Lahat sila ay busy. Naglalaba, nagluluto, naglalaro ng chess, at nagliilnis ng bahay.” It was obvious that Sam was trying to buy himself time by stalling until Alora gave him a clue. It made him realize the correct answer was “playing chess” since the other sibling would need a partner. While Alora was hesitant to award him with an “I.Q. Ang Nagwagi” medal since he needed a clue, Sam still fought to get a win by claiming that people could play chess online alone, making the answer also somewhat wrong. Now that’s using his I.Q. on another level, right?

Queen of Theme Songs Angeline Quinto was the last one to play on this entertaining episode. Even as she was busy preparing for her 10th anniversary concert coming soon, she wanted to succeed in “I.Q. Ang Nagwagi.” The playful star may have hit some bumps at the start, but she eventually got the groove of the quiz questions.

Angeline was spot on when Alora asked “Magbigay ng bagay na may kamay na gumagalaw pero hindi nakakahawak?” because she instantly figured out that it was “orasan” or a clock. Continuing her streak, she didn’t make a mistake when asked what hand she would use to stir a hot cup of coffee. She didn’t say any hand citing that people would use a spoon or stirrer instead. Alora couldn’t help but award the smart queen diva with a medal by the end.

Witness more of the Kapamilya stars’ funny answers to I.Q.utie Master Alora’s outrageous questions every Saturday 6pm on ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube channel.