Inspirational teleserye characters that brought hope to viewers through the years

In the past 65 years, ABS-CBN has indeed never failed to move us and touch our hearts with its plethora of well-written, exceptional, and remarkable drama series that, at the same time, introduced us to innumerable characters that we truly admired.

And this Lenten season, let’s take a look back on some of the teleserye characters that inspired us with how they treaded on their journey and conquered every challenge that came their way, to which everyone of us could completely relate with.


Mga Anghel Na Walang Langit

Inspired by the 1970 film with the same title produced by the late King of Philippine Movies Fernando Poe Jr. under his nom de plume “Ronwaldo Reyes”, this 2005 drama truly shattered our hearts as it presented the harrowing plight of a group of exploited and unfortunate children. Coming from different backgrounds, they were united by their goal of surviving the unfavourable conditions and harsher realities of life despite their young ages.

It was top-billed by then talented child stars and Goin’ Bulilit pioneers Sharlene San Pedro as Gigi, Nikki Bagaporo as Enchang, Miles OCampo as Pepay, Carl John Barrameda as Dodong, and John Manalo as Jeboy.


May Bukas Pa

Of course, who would forget the iconic wide-eyed kid of Bagong Pag-Asa, Santino? May Bukas Pa, the 2009 spiritual drama has undoubtedly remained to be a top favorite among Kapamilya viewers as many of us are still seemingly amused and hooked with the adventures of the inspiring and charming protagonist, now that it made a comeback on television to temporarily replace FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Abandoned on the premises of the monastery and not having any inkling who his parents are, the 12 priests agreed to adopt him and indeed raised him well. However, it was found that he isn’t like other kids for he could see and speak with Jesus Christ, who he fondly calls “Bro”, in the flesh! Because of the boy’s pure heart and unwavering faith, He gave him the power to heal and guided him as he fixes the lives and relationships of the people not only in their fictitious town, but those he meets in his adventures too, through his unbelievable words of wisdom.

Magnificently portraying Santino was former child star Zaijian Jaranilla.


100 Days To Heaven

Headlined by veteran actress Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat as the adult and young Anna Manalastas, this comedy-drama series first broadcast in 2011 follows the lead character’s quest for redemption after being killed in a car explosion.

As the gatekeeper of heaven (or Tagabantay) was already condemning her to hell because of how truly wicked she was while still alive, she bargained for a second chance which was bestowed to her. However, she had to live again and make amends with those whom she wronged as a child and for 100 days only. As she went on to complete her mission on earth, she bumped into Sophia Delgado (Jodi Sta. Maria) who agreed to take her in and to help her in exchange of a big amount of money.

Her second chance in life didn’t only reunite her with her estranged daughter, but also made her realize the real meaning of love, forgiveness, and sacrifice.

Just like May Bukas Pa, 100 Days To Heaven returned on air as well to temporarily replace Pamilya Ko on its timeslot.



Even though our noses don’t swell in real life whenever we lie, just like what happens to the titular character of this 2013 family drama impressively portrayed by then up-and-coming child actor Raikko Mateo, we should indeed strive to tell the truth at all times as what the series wanted to remind us. Aside from the honesty, it also taught us the value of unconditional love, sacrifice, and generosity through the people that surrounded Honesto.



Restoring people’s faith in God and reminding everyone of their inner kindness – these were the missions that sent the young angel Nathaniel (Marco Masa) back to Earth, seven years after he died as a baby due to a vehicular accident he and his parents got involved in.

As he arrived in Bayan ng Laging Saklolo as an ordinary kid, he learned the value of having a family through the Bartolome family who adopted him. During his sojourn, he was able to help and touch the lives of some people, including his biological parents Rachel (Shaina Magdayao) and Paul (Gerald Anderson), and was also able to stop Tagasundo in his mission of swaying humanity from the path of good – completely defeating him in the end.


Dream Dad

Captivating us with the unlikely yet admirable love story between a bachelor relearning the simple joys in life and love and a young girl who seems to never run out of love and glee, this 2014 comedy drama proved that genuine love indeed knows no blood. Despite having no experience on being a parent, businessman Sebastian Javier (Zanjoe Marudo) was still able to become the “dream dad” the orphan Baby (Jana Agoncillo) had been yearning to have.

Although they didn’t have any biological relation, the two naturally grew fond of one another and helped each other in their own ways. Baste gave her a brand new life by not simply hiring her to be the face of their company’s flagship product, but being her foster dad as well. At the same time, Baby was able to help him mend his broken heart and gamble on love once again.


My Dear Heart

This 2017 primetime drama indeed taught us the value of sacrifice, unconditional love, and forgiveness. It narrates the stirring journey of Heart de Jesus (Nayomi “Heart” Ramos), a young girl with a rare heart condition who’s able to uncover the truth behind her real identity when she was able to create an unexpected bond with her estranged domineering grandmother – as a soul.

While her body was in comatose, her soul was able to navigate and even talked to her doctor Margaret Divinagracia (Coney Reyes), who turned out to be the mother of her biological mom Gia (Ria Atayde). Through her and her bestfriend Bingo’s (Enzo Pelojero) relentless efforts, they were able to help patch things up among her family.



Less than a year after her exceptional debut in Dream Dad, promising child star Jana Agoncillo delighted us with her exhilarating comeback in the 2015 daytime comedy-drama Ningning as the cheerful and witty titular character.

Ningning and her family indeed taught us a lot of significant morals to which we can really relate with. They attested how possible it is to still to have a happy and contented life despite not having much, as long as you have your beloved family by your side and you know how to appreciate the cheap thrills in life.

Aside from that, they also reminded us that all thing are indeed achievable through hope, perseverance, and the love and inspiration brought by family and friends, and that we should never lose the child in us so that we’re still able to have “an innocent perception full of beautiful relationships, second chances, forgiveness, and love.


Oh My G!

Not only the young people were indeed able to relate with the inspiring story of Sophie Cepeda, impressively played by Janella Salvador, as many of surely doubted or blamed God at some point in our lives. Her struggles came after both of her parents died, which made her condemn God until He, whom she addressed as “G”, showed up and spoke with her in different forms to guide and enlighten her on the obstacles she was facing.

Sophie’s story only proves that even though there were times that we can’t feel the presence of God in our lives, let’s keep in mind that He will never ever forsake us because it’s Him who genuinely loves us more than anyone else. We might have to confront a lot of challenges, but everything will turn out fine in the end.



The latest among this list, this kid serye is “a story about renewed hope, warmth of home, love for family, wishes that come true, and impeccable forgiveness.”

It followed the journey of the wandering boy Buboy (Enzo Pelojero) who discovered and befriended an unruly wishing star named Starla (Jana Agoncillo). Together, they were able to bring renewed hope to their town and save their townsfolk from those trying to displace them, as well as fixing the relationship of his foster parent Mang Greggy (Joel Torre) and his estranged daughter Tere (Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo).

It also reminded us that there’s definitely always room for second chances and, although it’s hard, we should always have a heart that’s willing to forgive and humble to ask for it in order for us to achieve a harmonious and peaceful life.

These teleserye characters may be fictitious, but we may apply to our lives the morals and inspirations they imbued to us through their wonderful and remarkable journeys.