How KaoMiah prepared for their sweet couple scenes in “Fractured”

The newest iWantTFC digital series Fractured  is an emotional roller-coaster ride – imagine one character getting killed just on the pilot episode, setting the tone of mystery and thrill in the narrative.

This makes us curious about the cast members’ experiences filming on an island. Here at Kapamilya Chat, we talked to Kaori Oinuma and Jeremiah Lisbo about all things “Fractured.”

The tandem plays a TikTok couple in the story that revolves around the mystery faced by influencers invited to promote an island resort. Jeremiah describes his character, Ron, as a lover boy; while Kaori considers her on-screen persona, Yani, as a fighter and a sweet lover girl as well. She mentioned that Yani is the best friend of Sophia played by Daniela Stranner.

What makes “Fractured” distinct from other ‘barkada’ thriller stories is the underlying, eye-opening message about social media, how people show perfection online, when the truth is we’re all ‘fractured’ inside. The title can also be interpreted literally, as the group tries to survive being trapped in the remote island.

And since the production took place in an island, the greatest challenge was to act under the heat waves. “Parang, kaya mo pa bang mag-perform nang uhaw na uhaw ka, tuyot na tuyot ka?” thought Jeremiah. Add to that was the lack of connection to their friends and family, “Kasi we had no internet WiFi," Kaori said.

But, thanks to the real barkada vibe formed on set, things got more fun. Kaori mentioned that she didn’t have much adjustments with Daniela, whom she and Jeremiah have worked with in past projects; as well as with Seth Fedelin, her fellow PBB graduate. Admittedly, she felt intimidated by Francine Diaz, given the latter’s acting prowess, “Pero she’s super humble talaga, matulungin din sa lahat.” She can tell the same thing about Raven Rigor and Sean Tristan, “Sobrang friendly at sobrang cute nilang dalawa. Ang sarap nila kasama talaga.”

Jeremiah added about their co-stars, “Masaya getting to know them lalo. Kasi iba ‘yung nakikita mo lang sila on-cam, sa mga events. Iba lalo kapag nakasama mo sila sa lock-in.” He continued, “Pero confusing din kasi lock-in, hindi mo alam kung in character ba sila. ‘Yun ang isa sa challenges ng lock-in taping din. Kasi ‘yung ibang actors, dala pa rin nila ‘yung character nila. ‘Yung iba naman controlled nila.”

KaoMiah officially takes on the loveteam route in this project. Although their characters’ sweet moments are opposite to their ‘bardagulan’ in real life, they manage to deliver, thanks to their organic friendship and teamwork – and basketball games. Their one-on-one discussion with Director Thop Nazareno also helped in building their characters.

They’re practically growing up together, having shared a lot of projects in the past. Asked if they’ve noticed any transformation in each other, Jeremiah shared that Kaori improved a lot as an actress. He even wondered if she had workshops prior to taping. “Parang iba ‘yung pinakita niya. Ibang lebel.”

In keeping with the story’s theme, KaoMiah was asked which island they’d want to be trapped in. “Huwag naman ganu’n katagal,” Kaori laughed before picking Palawan, and she would bring her camera. As for Jeremiah, the top choices are Palawan and Siargao, and he would bring a knife.

One word to describe “Fractured,” for Kaori, is “deep.” Jeremiah called it “eye-opening,” especially to the Gen Zs, who are prone to falling into the dangers of social media. Even he is guilty of giving in to social media distractions, so the best advice he can give the youth is to watch all episodes of “Fractured,” as every character will impart an important message about this topic.

Kaori added that you don’t necessarily have to believe everything you see on social media, and always, be careful with what you post.

Catch Kaori and Jeremiah in “Fractured,” streaming every Friday, at 8 pm, on the iWantTFC app and iWantTFC’s YouTube channel.