Hotspot: Why Arielle Roces and Kiara Takahashi are more than just your typical showbiz newcomers

Arielle Roces

Arielle Roces is not your quintessential newcomer pegged into doing sweet roles with a love team. She’s bolder than other neophytes and proving so is her newest thriller series “Section Saint Valentine: The Disappearance of Divine.”

The digital series which uses ‘new normal’ as a backdrop follows the mystery behind the disappearance of Divine (Arielle Roces), a star student and also the child of the school’s owner. The mystery heightens as six classmates look for clues to find her.   It is dark, edgy and tackles social issues we face today.

This marks Arielle’s second collaboration with the same team that created her first lead role in “You Have Arrived” which followed the story of three social media influencers in a mysterious gathering tagged as “Epik Party.” Her impressive performance in that series made her an instant choice for the role of Divine.

Arielle said she finds edgy characters a lot challenging to portray. Although she’s also looking forward to light, sweet roles for her next projects, she’s always up for something out-of-the-box. Besides, her talent management Rise Artist Studio, and the Star Magic, are supportive of her.

Arielle was a commercial model before she was launched as a Star Magic artist in 2019. It’s just been more than a year but she’s been very busy since. She’s thankful for the management’s trust and constant effort to help her, and her co-artists, improve their skills amid the still on-going pandemic. 

If given the chance, she would like to work with Sam Milby and Gerald Anderson in the future. She also admires Judy Ann Santos.

Despite the hectic schedule, Arielle manages to find time for her yoga routine. She believes it’s important to be mindful of the stress and tension stuck in the body. As a tip for beginners, Arielle mentioned that it doesn’t have to be complicated. One can start with a 5-minute daily routine by just sitting straight and breathing out all the tension and stress. She encouraged everyone to start fresh this 2021 by trying to meditate daily.


Kiara Takahashi

Bitten by the acting bug since she was a kid, Kiara Takahashi used to role-play in front of the mirror and put on her mother’s clothes to pretend she’s in an interview with Boy Abunda. She’s also that little kid who keeps visitors entertained with her singing.

Dreams do come true, indeed, and Kiara would serve as proof. After honing her talent in singing and acting, Kiara joined Pinoy Big Brother in 2019. It was a sudden decision. She never expected to make it big in the competition, let alone amass legions of supporters.

Now that she’s finally living the dream, Kiara doesn’t want to act complacent. She’s eager to explore her artistry and she’s thankful for every opportunity that comes her way. She wishes to portray heavy drama roles, so her newest assignment for Maalaala Mo Kaya serves as a good training ground. Kiara plays Arci Munoz’s best friend in the next episode of MMK on Saturday, January 16.

Kiara was paired with fellow PBB alum Gino Roque during and after their stint. It can’t be denied that the KiaNo loveteam showed strong potential and chemistry on and off-cam. While Gino has always been vocal about his feelings for Kiara, the two remain just friends at the moment. They keep in touch despite their busy schedules. They may be exploring individual career paths but they remain supportive of each other.

After showcasing her singing prowess through online covers, Kiara levelled up by launching her digital single. Her duet with Shawntel Cruz titled “Reason Enough” was a certified chart-topping hit. She also dreams to collaborate with Sam Mangubat and Ben and Ben.

Kiara would describe her life through the song “Cruisin’” meaning she’s going with the flow, living life as a big adventure. The surfer babe considers the waves as her element. It’s where she finds her peace. And just as how she rides the waves, Kiara is meant to make a breathtaking splash in showbiz.