Hotspot: Sheryn looks forward to collabs with Regine, Ben&Ben, Agsunta, December Avenue

The Crystal Voice of Asia Sheryn Regis just dropped her Star Music homecoming song composed by Kiko Salazar, “Tulad ng Dati”. We are head over heels with this relatable song, but we’re also itching to hear more about the life of power belter herself.

Watch her Hotspot Live Exclusive with DJ Jhai Ho where we get to know her journey of returning to the limelight, dig into the message behind “Tulad ng Dati”, and hear her majestic voice singing live once again.

It was back in 2003 when we watched this shining diva place first runner-up in the first season of Star in a Million. She quickly rose to fame producing and singing powerful ballads that even landed spots as teleserye theme songs, leading her to be hailed as “The Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs” for quite some time. Although, due to personal reasons, she lied low and focused on her health and family for a while.

Regardless, when she came back, fans embraced her with open arms. The secret to having such loyal and engaged supporters, she said is “Pinapalabas ko ‘yung passion sa pagkanta… Pinapakita ko na anything is possible when you have this passion and if you have that, you put heart in everything you do.”

In fact, in 2016 after she just came out of a surgery for thyroid cancer, she gave her all in a performance which is considered her most memorable one yet. She made sure to offer her performance to the Lord and do her best even when she was still nursing a fresh surgery wound. The belting diva also claims that the moment was unforgettable because that was the first time she had to adjust and sing her iconic song “Come In Out of the Rain” a note lower.

Sheryn also shared her other struggles when she migrated to the US with her family and focused on being a mother to her daughter. Although she loved being with her family and her life was still immersed in music being a teacher and a singer there, she missed her career as a singer in the limelight.

So when Sheryn came back to the Philippines, she wanted to continue but was always hesitant because she thought she wouldn’t be much of a success any more given that she was gone for some time and more artists are emerging in the country. Fortunately, she gained courage from the endearing support of her music management and partners to still pursue her dream.

DJ Jhai even recognized the overwhelming support she received for her comeback and how much of an icon she has already become in the country. Just recently, she was chosen as the celebrity to be impersonated by Lie Reposposa on Your Face Sounds Familiar.

When asked about her dream collaborations, the Crystal Voice of Asia would love to work with Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid in a concert if given the chance. She also plans to expand her horizon by making music with new generation OPM acts such as Ben&Ben, Agsunta, and December Avenue because she said,  “I’m exploring my identity again as a singer kasi ‘di naman tayo magsta-stay lang sa isang direction.”

Sheryn invited everyone to listen to “Tulad ng Dati”, a song about ghosting which is very timely given that numerous people experience losing touch with someone without definite closure during this pandemic.

In producing the heart-wrenching song, Sheryn was able to express deep emotion because she claims that she, herself, experienced it first hand. Her advice for those who are still hurt from a ghosting experience is to love and respect themselves and know that there are many more people who love them. She even adds, “We cannot avoid the pain. We cannot avoid the heartache. Pero ang importante is you can cry…cry, cry it out. At pagkatapos mawala na iyon, pray and pray also na mabigyan ka na ng courage to really move on and think of something else instead.”

“Tulad ng Dati” is just one of the many songs that the Crystal Voice of Asia Sheryn Regis will grace us with. She assures us that an album is in development and we will soon hear her melodious voice in new music.