Hotspot: "Me & Mrs. Cruz” star Ina Raymundo says love should always win, regardless of age

Timeless beauty Ina Raymundo joined DJ Jhai Ho in this episode of Hotspot to talk about her comeback project titled "Me & Mrs. Cruz,” the third episode of iWant's original "hugot" anthology series "Ampalaya Chronicles” which she topbills with Paulo Angeles.

Ina shared that the project was actually offered to her in January 2020 but it was postponed due to the pandemic. In November of the same year, she was asked if she was available to shoot the film. However, Ina felt she could not do it then because Christmastime was near. Ina then thought that the project would be given to another actress, but come January of this year, she was surprised that she was still being eyed for the lead role. Ready to work at that time, Ina finally accepted it.

On working with her co-star Paulo, Ina admitted that she first searched the Internet to know more about him since she wasn’t very familiar with the new artists in showbiz. And because of their wide age gap, Ina was worried they might not look compatible onscreen. But when they did the “look test,” she felt relieved because the producers saw they were a good match.  Ina also shared that even though Paulo is just new to the industry, she saw how passionate he is in his craft. Ina added that she really wants Paulo to shine in this project.

But Ina also shared that Paulo was so serious about his performance that he tended to overthink his portrayal.  She recalled Paulo being so stressed in acting out a scene wherein he was supposed to break down in tears. Ina said she advised him to just focus on his character and act naturally.

Ina would then confirm the premise of the film that “age doesn’t matter” in romantic relationships, stressing that love should always win regardless of age. People, she said, who may disagree must learn to accept it because as long two people find deep connection, chemistry, and love with each other, nothing should stand in their way.

DJ Jhai Ho then asked Ina about the secret behind her stunning beauty and fit body. Ina said that it’s really a mix of everything - eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and exercising regularly. She also shared that she is considering to vlog about her family and her lifestyle, but she said that she cringes when she hears her speaking voice. Besides, she also finds vlogging too time consuming. And because she wants to spend more of her time with her family, she’s still having second thoughts about doing a vlog.

As for disciplining her kids, Ina shared that she’s actually strict when it comes to their habits. For instance, she always reminds her kids to limit the time they spend using their gadgets. She also reminds them to eat healthy as well.

Ina also shared that she’s a loving “plantita” and has beautiful plants all over her home. She actually started indoor gardening in June 2020. But she said she had always loved owning and taking care of plants in their outdoor garden. She didn’t want to have indoor plants before believing they were poisonous for her kids when they were young. And now that they are now all grown up, Ina finally began caring for plants indoors. She also shared that her eldest daughter also has plants in her room.

Ina then showed her first-ever plant, the “low maintenance” sensation plant, and her favorite anthurium radican, which she said were reasonably priced. Her newest ones included a lemon lime rubber tree, monstera, and fiddle-leaf fig plants. Ina also shared that she would always talk to her plants, telling them that she loves them and that they’re all beautiful. She also showed a rare plant, the “Pink or Philodendron Princess,” which has pink leaves. Ina even shared her soil tester, which helps in gauging whether she needs to water her plants or not.

Catch Ina on “Ampalaya Chronicles: Me & Mrs. Cruz” which will be streamed for free on iWantTFC starting March 26.